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    Welcome from Oregon Sent from BLR Logistics
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    So who won the UTV Championship?

    This is what I seen Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    "La Familia" 5th Annual John Berry Memorial Ride - March 18 - 21, 2016

    Have fun... stay safe.. Cisco Kid, RZRluvr & tomcav, jimandmelissa ...wish we could be there... :) but we will be a little north at Dove Springs
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    Winchester Bay UTV Invasion

    74 of us out for a Saturday drive stopped by the lake for a picture John Doerr hucking it
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    Winchester Bay UTV Invasion

    Final preparations are being made...we still need a few things for the Camp Fireball Potluck we are needing potato salad, macaroni salad and tables... We want to THANK for sponsoring the Potlucks Main Dish.. Cost for the potluck will be $10 that includes 10 raffle...
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    Winchester Bay UTV Invasion

    Awesome we will see you there
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    Winchester Bay UTV Invasion

    Going to be some memories made.. ignarual event with all these awesome vendors support
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    Winchester Bay UTV Invasion

    Come up and join us...this is a benefit to keep our riding area open..Save The Riders Dunes.. This will be an yearly event
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    New Land Use guy from Cali

    Don Amador From the BRC has a political Action page ..this is just one example, but when it comes to elections he will let OHVERS know who supports them
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    Thanks for a great time at Ocotillo Wells and meeting a few more of the L A FAMILIA family. ..special Thanks to Jim & Melissa for the camping spot.. Cisco for the good laughs & his wife Victoria. ..also George & Tom...for letting me follow to see some of you next's...
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    TDS - March 6,7,8

    Hey that's my Turbo...I leave and go to town and my Hubby found my spare key...LOL
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    "La Familia" 4th Annual John Berry Memorial Ride - March 20 -23, 2015

    Didn't know John Personally...however I knew of the story...we were out exploring and came upon this...Awesome memorial...
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    Best Places to Ride in Arizona?

    We are heading to the Quartzsite area March 11th for a week of trail riding...will post pictures later
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    TDS - March 6,7,8

    Great to meet everyone today and for the great ride...THANKS
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    The Visitor

    That's awesome. ..

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