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    suspension on short track

    lucas style short course ( fast, long smooth jumps, hardpack ) what BrArmor said.
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    All UTV's CVT clutch performance

    just let my friend borrow my Aaen book. kelly from pdm gave it to me when i was running his 3 and 4 weight comet clutches when we raced rhinos. huge advantage in setting up cvt clutches. graphs and charts explaining overlaps, transfers and all types of other specs.
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    Hand Controls for RZR 1000?

    i put some standard car style hand controls on my friends 14' xp1000. kit was made for the car but the box description went up to 2012 or 13'. i had to modify the steering column mount a bit. other than that they work fine. he uses that style of hand controls on his daily vehicle but doesnt like...
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    weld it yourself cages?

    your cage integrity is only as good as your base.
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    Advise on my rhino please

    if you are using a stock cdi a 12:1 686 is fine. if you have a non-programmable aftermarket cdi do not go over 10:1 on a 686, brian at long travel used to get small batches of CP's made. if you have a programmable cdi then you can run a higher compression piston. i have a custom 14.5:1 CP in a...
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    looking for an Empyre hood

    building another car and i want the same hood. thanks guys.
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    BAD AZZ Electric T4

    i have a few old race chassis laying around that i would run these in in a heartbeat. i was thinking about repowering with an apex engine, but i am definately interested in running electric.
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    Yamaha Rear axle help

    930 flanges will make life alot easier. even easier than type 2s
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    Hello from Stadium SUPER Trucks

    bummer. guess ill cancel the order on my gbc afterburns.
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    Hello from Stadium SUPER Trucks

    the sr1 series was in the main lucas show then last year went to the regionals. its yamaha rhino's with an r1 streetbike engine and kawaski teryx's with zx10 streetbike engines. they are fast and you cant beat the exhaust note.
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    UTV Race in Kingman Arizona Sept 15

    im still planning on going with my sr1 and a mod rhino.
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    Shock revalving for dummies....

    after a few whoops the rear bucks up is packing. depending on the lip your not always gonna be able to handle peaky jumps and lots of whoops with the same setup well. there are alot of variables that need to be described to achieve what you want out of the car suspension wise. am i bottoming...
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    Hello from Stadium SUPER Trucks

    no interest in the r1 repowered cars?
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    UTV Racing in Arizona

    im planning on racing. not set in stone yet though.
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    Hello from Stadium SUPER Trucks

    im sure its too late for this year but the sr1's put on a good show and sound bad ass.

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