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    Chubbs gone,,but NEVER forgotten

    Thank you....thank you all,it means so much to Sherry an I,today has been just as hard,a ton of tears have fell down our face. It gives us strength to read your kind words,,thank you again.
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    Chubbs gone,,but NEVER forgotten

    Today we had to go through the hardest thing we ever imagined in our life, we felt pain like we've never felt it before. Today Sherry and I had to put Chubbs to sleep. He had inoperable cancer in his lungs, it was the type of cancer that is very rapid and move very quickly from his lungs...
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    Dogs in Camp

    My boy goes everywhere with me and the good thing is he gets along with everybody to.
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    Angry US Soldier tells Iraqi Police/Soldiers to HARDEN THE F UP!

    I always like watching this video,he reminds me of myself,he calls it like he see's it.
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    Protecting UTV Underground

    Same here!!!!!!!!!! it was a blast,we had a great time meeting everyone,,,,now we just need to drag Joey D's azz up there,an show him what it's all about..:D
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    Protecting UTV Underground

    That lil chit was to busy posing for the camera while Chubbs was pullin double duty:mad:
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    All UTV's Cognito Motorsports newest workhorse!!

    Wow,,very nice,,,chit man what recession,the boyz at Cognito are kickin azz an takin names!!!!!!!!!
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    Protecting UTV Underground

    Our recent trip to Monmouth Lakes on the 4th of July Chubbs decided to stand a post an guard this very interesting pylon!
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    Mammoth Lakes June 29th-July 4th

    It started out as a CL4000,,,,but with a few feet added to it,so I can fit 3 sxs's in it.:D:D:D
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    Mammoth Lakes June 29th-July 4th

    lol,,,Chubbs is quite the character
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    Mammoth Lakes June 29th-July 4th

    I'm pretty close to that,,,47ft. of trailer an a long bed crew cab dually :D
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    Mammoth Lakes June 29th-July 4th

    How big of a trailer will fit at that camp site?
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    Does anyone go www.another

    I got banned over on the rzr forum,just for answering a question regarding a turbo kit for a busa in a rzr,,every on was telling him ,MCX MCX MCX ,,,,,,well mcx doesn't make a kit for that application,so I posted in,,it's going to have to be a custom install,if you want I can hook you up with...
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    RZR XP.COMMANDER X 105lbs difference

    Never look at DRY WEIGHT ,,that doesn't jack chit,,,,I want to know how much something weighs with a full tank of gas,water,oil,ect ect. It's like when companies claim HP numbers,it's always rated at the crank never to the wheels,so you take a commander that makes 83 HP and take away 25 to 30...
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    UTVUnderground & Magnum Offroad Hit Glamis **PICS**

    Nice pics guys,can't wait to make my way down there to ride with you guys!!

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