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    Polaris Bilsteins (Money back guarantee introductory offer) XP1000 2

    Interesting no one talks about how well the foxes worked on a rhino here. Maybe it's because it's not a relivent selling point but a video showing them in action is.
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    All UTV's where to buy door latches and hinges?

    My doors do not rattle. The latch is spring loaded so they do have a little play but my doors are suspended and not touching anything. if they where touching other body parts it may rattle. One thing I really like about using the gate hinge also is that the door lift off the hinge so easy to...
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    All UTV's where to buy door latches and hinges?

    A friend as well as my self have been using these bear claw latches for 3 years or so now and they are amazing. Close super smooth open very easy and are inexpensive for the quality. AutoLoc BCLG Large Locking Bear Claw Door Latch Set: Automotive For hinges I just used a pin...
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    I'm curious what your stances on pharmaceutical grade prescriptions? We have laws in place in the United States that after a certain period of time allows another company to literally steal The technology that somebody else spent the time and money researching designing advertising and working...
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    I love my Chinese light bar. If I didn't have a cheap option I would not have one and would still be running the red ring china HIDs that used to be popular. This is a dumb argument IMO. Its like saying I hate all cheap photo editing software because they are all based off of and steal from...
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    Im about to cut my RZR in half and need advice....

    Take pics I want to see this. By the way I ended up at 91" and am very happy.
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    Bonneville Off Road Wendover 200 Results and Recap

    I have had several requests for BOR hoodies like I had on at the race. So Im going to do an order and let the profits go towards funding the 2014 season. $30ea please add $5 if you want me to ship it or your welcome to pick up at my house in Grantsville, my work in slc or any of the BOR...
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    Utah new guy

    On a car this modified I would just install a battery shut off switch and keep it off when the car is not in use.
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    Utah new guy

    I know that Rhino. A few years back the kid the owned it Raced it with us ( Bonneville Off Road Racing) at Jackpot and Wendover. Welcome from grantsville Utah. That's a clean ride you have if its still in comparable condition to a couple years ago.
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    we got 1st overall utv in wendover

    Congrats on the win! When Kyle and I marked the north loop we actually started pulling lath back because I told him we may as well give out rally car notes. But man some of those washes, wow. What do you think next year less washes? I want to see more UTV's and I want to see more finish...
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    BorRacing Wendover 2013 Race Win a Free 20" Light Bar

    For those that have video or pictures that would like to share them for the Wendover 200 DVD please contact me. Jacob 801-613-8146 [email protected]
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    BorRacing Wendover 2013 Race Win a Free 20" Light Bar

    Final Course GPS for Wendover 200 Files 10/2/13 Download link below Also I will be leaving this afternoon for the Wendover race and will be taking the names for the 20" light bar giveaway with me. So If you haven't done so sign...

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