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    2009 Teryx Revived

    Lots of work but it is very cool. I like the headlights too.
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    No more Space

    Yup, I agree. Earth first guys, Fix the earth first. We'll log the rest of the planets later.
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    My 2014 Camp RZR Glamis Rant...

    Joey I watch the videos every year, see the pics, and read your words, and to be honest with you it helps me keep going. My '14 XP1K has less than 200 miles on it. Hasn't been a good year with my back and now they are talking about cutting on my knee. But I still watch, read, and hope. We are...
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    I shouldn't even be alive

    Someone was watching out for you. I was in a business where responding to wrecks of all kinds and fatal industrial injuries was part of my job, and I have never saw a C-2 injury like yours that didn't result in major paralysis at best, and it was usually a fatal injury. I was in that business...
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    How To Install Radius Rods On A RZR

    Nice work on the video. Upgrading those radius rods is on my list of things to do.
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    All UTV's BIG Shoutout To JIM @ Cognito!!!!

    I Agree. A few years back when I bought the LT kit for my Teryx he was incredibly patient with me, and the kit delivered exactly what he said it would. I have started to save some $ and hope to buy some Cognito-Fox shocks for my new XP1K somewhere down the road
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    HERE YOU GO! Get $50 for participating in online UTV research FROM HOME!

    Denied. Probably don't fit the age demo.
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    Official UTVUnderground 2015 Dunfest Story & Photo Recap

    X2 what tightline said. Great pics and story. Maybe next year I can finally make it to this shindig.
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    NORCAL. Looking for a place to take the toyhauler and RZR

    I've never been in the actual campground, but I am told there is a place up there just east of the highway 20 junction...I believe off of the Cisco Grove Off ramp, then onto the north side of the highway...that has camping and is OHV friendly. You can get into the trails up into the Fordyce area...
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    Sunday Night, 7/27/14 BE HERE @ UTVUnderground! 2015 Polaris Vehicles ANNOUNCED!

    Starting price of the "desert edition" XP1K is $27,999. Wowza.
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    Do custom seats make that big of a difference?

    I am 6-4 and about 275. I replaced my XP-1k stock seats with PRP GT SE seats. I have a very bad back, and these seats are absolutely worth the $ for me.
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    What are your UTV pet-peeves?

    1) Spending a ton of money on a new UTV with what appears to be dialed in suspension, was marketed as dialed in suspension and finding I need to spend a bucket load of money to dial in the suspension. 2)Camp Racers: I am 55 years old and probably have been off-roading longer than you have been...
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    "Build Threads".. you've got to be kidding

    It is a different world we live in. A "Me Too" world. There was a time when I'd walk up to a guy at a hot rod gathering and ask the owner of a car about the "build" and he would know everything about it...because he had either done it himself or with a couple of pals. Now, you see a lot of cars...

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