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    No More Clutch or Belt Issues!

    Hi Guys, I usually don't write to many post, but I can say that I personally have the MTNTK Blow Hole on my 2012 RZR XP900, with over 2500 miles on the factory belt. I recommended the Blow Hole to 3 other friends and they have not replaced a belt since. Wither your racing or leisurely riding...
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    My RZR loving dog Jack

    Great video Ken and Jack:)
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    What did UTV santa bring you?

    I got a new roof for my XP. :D
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    New From So Cal (XP 1000)

    Welcome Matt, enjoy the site and have fun riding.
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    New dude!

    Welcome Jason
  6. fieldsinv

    new guy...first ride :)

    Welcome Joe.
  7. fieldsinv Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    On the road in 12 hours...yippee cant wait.:D
  8. fieldsinv

    Picked up our XP1000 today

    That is one bad ass 1000, I think you should take Joey up on the utvug feature...:D
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    Another HOOKUP for ALL MEMBERS! Take a survey and win 1 of 17 Best Buy Gift Cards!!!

    Re: Another HOOKUP for ALL MEMBERS! Take a survey and win 1 of 17 Best Buy Gift Cards I got it done also. Planning on a shopping spree. :)
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    WARNING Chaparral will not return deposit on SxS

    Wow, I will never buy from them.
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    Chance for someone to score parts

    Awesome, Great purchase Jason. You will truly love it.
  12. fieldsinv

    POLARIS Wants to give YOU a FREE HOODIE!!!

    Those are both great shots, my vote is in. Thanks Joey
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    Hi from Oklahoma

    Welcome Scott

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