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    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    You guys are still going at it?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Lol
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    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    Noel, just block itsyourlegacy like I did and you won’t have to keep arguing over and over and over!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    2019 KOH

    I’m glad that utvs are on Sunday. I usually can’t make middle of the week races.
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    Someone needs to put both Wayne and Kristen in Trophy Trucks!!! They’re just too damn good for our little golf carts.
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    Primary clutch issues have you seen this?

    Probably won’t work for you, but another trick to try is let it idle for an hour. The crank will heat up, and the vibration sometimes backs the bolt out. There’s also the Rescue Bit. Drills though anything, even a broken extractor or drill bit. Rescue Bit Broken Screw Extractor Removal Tool...
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    Great write ups! Those xp1000 belts on a turbo will get you every time! And Kristen only 3 minutes behind the winning turbo, WOW! Congrats to both of you!
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    Get Ready....

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    Get Ready....

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    Get Ready....

    My bil had one. It was really nice! And they do make the Hayabusa!
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    Get Ready....

    And what the hell happened to Suzuki!?!?!?!?!? They never made a Jetski. They never made a side-by-side.
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    Get Ready....

    I had such high hopes about the Yamaha release. My XP turbo purchase is actually a rebound purchase from being disappointed by Yamaha. Now every time I hear Yamaha or Honda or Kawasaki I laugh and cry at the same time. Anyone of them could build the best thing out there, but they won’t.
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    Get Ready....

    I kind of think that the majority of people like the belt. I just don’t like the never knowing when it’s going to blow thing! Yamaha made attempt, but they screwed their self with no low range. Honda has that dual clutch transmission that works good. So I think the days of the belts are limited.
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    Get Ready....

    Cracks in the frame! That’s a new one on me too! I wouldn’t doubt it if it’s in the front end somewhere where all those single sheer with secondary plates are. The engineer that designed that should be fired.
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    Get Ready....

    He didn’t say Polaris quality is better. He said can I am is so-so. I sure hope Polaris launches something that’s better than the X.3! And please let it not have a damn belt!
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    Polaris XPT Shock Valving

    1/14/17 I revalved the rear shocks a second time. Rebound is 1.6x.010 1.425x.010 1.35x.010 1.1x.010 .950x.010 .800x.020 .800x.020 .800x.020 I also replaced the 1.8x.015 compression shim with a .012 and cut down two of the bypass check valves. The car works extremely well now. It’s just a hair...

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