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    No visitor messages.....what an

    No visitor messages.....what an
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    Stolen Rail

    This is why I don't mind the checkpoints at Glamis... I hope they find the lowlifes and remove their testicles....
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    Glen Helen, July 10th - Photos by JoeB

    That Gallery sure kept me busy for awhile.....great pics!
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    Not so NEWBIE, but Newbie here

    HAHAHAHA.... I just noticed that too. I thought maybe you needed a certain amount of post to get the pm feature up or something, but looks like somebody disabled it for him..... :eek:
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    Not so NEWBIE, but Newbie here

    Welcome to the Underground Jimbo! Did you finish that dragster you where working on?? That thing was SIIIIICK! :eek:
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    PISMO BEACH for the 4th 2010

    Perfect!! Just in time for you to pull me Goldmember and family will be arriving Thursday now and not Weds. Probably staying until Monday. I'll catch you guys out there!
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    Yamaha My new RADIUS cage by Jimbo at FU2 Chassis...bout time for a change!

    It was time for a change, so I hooked up with Jimbo at FU2 Chassis. I didn't know his damn shop was only 10 minutes from my house..... :cool: Well....anyhow.. I hadn't done anything cosmetic to my gold rhino in three years so it was time for a new cage atleast. I still have a big rebuild plan...
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    Why buy a Razor S, Video is better than 1000 words

    That VID reminds me of the legendary Pismo ride awhile back... :cool:
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    MAy contest ??

    Im just gonna search Craigslist out in the East and should run across a few nice homebuilt cages..... shouldn't take long :)
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    MAy contest ??

    HAHAHAHA.....hopefully people can take a joke. I'm gonna load up my photoshop just incase is gets ugly :D
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    Good news for Yamaha!! 50 cases dismissed?!

    Nice! Rhino- 1 point Blood sucking oppurtunist vultures- 0 points
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    new to utv underground

    Welcome to the Underground. Its good your doing your research on a quality kit before spending the big bucks. You definitely want to look at the materials being used on the arms themselves. Most reputable builders will use chromolly instead of DOM or mild steel. That alone will make a difference...
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    Kawasaki Cognitos Teryx LT kit spy photos

    Bends in the arms are only for ground clearance, longer shock length, or looks. Camber would change with arm lengths and pivot points.
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    Yamaha Need pricing.....

    Told you JR....Neri style seats are the shiznit. Tell your pops to try them out.
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    2009 Sand Sports Super Show

    Good meeting you today JoeyD, nice looking rig. You looked like you had your hands tied with all the groupies jocking the Rhino. Clean build man, catch up some other time.....

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