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    NEW Honda???

    so is it fast? Maybe i found a new build to keep me busy
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    Glamis summer trips

    yep, so many drop offs and razor backs with no tracks and bunch of crazy weekend racers out to prove something, me included! We were fixing utv's everywhere and didn't you drag a Rhino back to camp on the back of your ride? The whole night ride thing is just pure comedy, maybe my favorite rides.
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    Glamis summer trips

    okyour up, got any good pics?
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    Glamis summer trips

    Safety First! It was the Grey Goose and Monster's that got me in trouble
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    Glamis summer trips

    I have pics somewhere of my front flip before anybody even got there. I fixed my broken battery box with a Corona 12 pack box.
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    Glamis summer trips

    I remeber those days
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    My Baja 500 Race Report

    Great run Johnny and Brian I was hoping for a podium for you guys, just to piss everyone off. Great write up Johnny. I hope you guys go back for more.
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    Can Am Monster Maveric Wins Baja 500

    Awesome! good old fashioned which make is faster argument. And desert UTv's are pretty ugly in a Frankenstein kinda way. But the great thing about this site and why it is still doing well is racing settles the argument. This year Can Am can tell ya all to piss off. They Won The Tecate Score 500...
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    Official UTVUnderground 2014 SCORE Baja 500 Photos / Results / Story

    Great write ups and stories. I had to come in a see what you guys had to say. I have nothing but admiration for you guys that go play in that crap. It was a great run by the UTv's this year. I hope all you guys want it bad enough to go back especially if you git beat by a C hair. feeling kinda...
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    Official UTVUnderground 2014 SCORE Baja 500 Photos / Results / Story

    Very cool seeing everyone running this race. I cant believe they still call them utility vehicles. CLASS 19 (Limited, Stock 4-wheel Utility Vehicle) (Starters: 17, Finishers: 9) And just to be clear Brian B and Jonny finished better than you Joey D?
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    You seen all these deals yet?

    The wifey just put ours up there. I will let you know how it works hope all you guys are good

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