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    So Cal group ride 5-6-16

    The guys from the Knuckles up FaceBook page have planned another group ride in Keysville CA for the weekend of May 5th. Keysville is located 1 hour NE of Bakersfield via HWY 178 to Lake Isabella. Riding terrain varies from high desert to mountain rock crawling. Last trip a month ago had over 15...
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    Bruno Mars? Goin' riding instead

    Thanks guys for the invite. It was great meeting you all.
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    Bruno Mars? Goin' riding instead

    I'm in for sure. See you guys there!
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    Bruno Mars? Goin' riding instead

    Count me in as a maybe. Grey F-150 with an all black 900XP.
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    Bakersfield Kern County Christmas Eve morning ride

    Is there any interested in a ride on the morning of Christmas Eve? I'm going regardless if there's a group or not. I'm open to suggested trails. Plan on meeting at the Mesa Marin Chevron at 7 am.
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    New from Bakersfield CA

    Thank you guys for the warm welcome! I look forward to hanging out with you guys!
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    New from Bakersfield CA

    New guy here from Bakersfield. I just bought a 2013 900xp. I love it so far. Looking to meet up with other members for trail rides around Kern County.

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