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  • Hey Joey,my adress is 6906 E Hubbell St Scottsdale,Az 85257 please send extras for trucks and trailers and chase Teryx
    All good brotha. If you do come across some more good ones, tag me in Facebook as well. Gotta keep the networking going. Thanks brotha!
    P.S. I like your site. I've been looking at getting a Teryx for the races and such. I need to find a deal.
    hahahaha. I had so much fun dicing with Deegan on Sunday. I'm pretty stoked with how I did for never doing short course before. I'll check it out.
    My pleasure. Gotta keep up on what's going on in the off road scene. Love those pics you posted on RDC. Would love to see some more. Let me know. Thanks for the love brother.
    Hey man, I bought a full set of doonz paddles and fronts for my LT rhino and I was wondering what psi you recommend running? They are mounted on ITP 12x7 wheels and the dunes I ride on are usually always pretty soft and dry? I want to be able to jump without poppin off the bead all the time but I want a low enough psi for good traction... Also would u recommend more air in the front for turning and jumping? Thanks ahead of time
    hi there joey on my helmet you pick a common size then put it up for auction and donate the money to the mears family. I feel alot bettert doing that, i know how much that helicopter ride is and insurance only goes so far.thank you and please make the helmet donation anonymously
    What up homeslice! Wanna ask you for a favor. How can I change my user name?? Wanna sitch it up from Wino Rhino to RHINOdan. I feel like a alcoholic with tha name that has a UTV problem! LOL Thanks brotha! :cool:
    Hey Joey I don't get it on the results thing brent got dq first moto due to cutting track and we had it on video taken by rj who made this list . thank's TS
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