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  • I only had probs with my rhino shifting hard when my idle was to high, but have heard that sometimes the linkage gets shit in them it does that to not really sure tho. I have never been to bee canyon what's it like ?
    What's up kdub, just wondering how it was in OW this weekend ? Hopefully we will meet up soon in OW and get are ride on !
    the car looks sick!! re post your thread, I accidentally deleted it while trying to edit it for you
    Nah man, the in car setup is necessary to talk to people in your car. That gets you the music and talking to people in your car. Thats $499. To talk to people outside your car in other cars you need the two way radio setup that is $450. You need both if you wanna talk to people outside the car and talk inside the car.
    Right now were doing that 2 place in car special for $499 - that gets you the in car package. To add car to car to talk to other peeps you need the two way radio package for $450. So youre looking at $949 for the 2 place car to car setup at our special UTVUG Pricing. Thanks bud!
    still working on making more power. right now im at 37hp from 26 is stock. have the Rigid power pak.
    I will hopefully be done in a few weeks with the new build.
    I will be out of service by thennnn try to call me 760-802-3737 or rusty 760-644-6668....We will be on the south side of Hwy 78 about a 1/4 mile east of COunty Line Rd!! Look for the white chop and drop magnum rhino!!!
    Those plastics on our white porkers car are made by Travis Perterson. Chad Mittags cousin here in San Marcos. I am running those on my new build....you can get some! They are SICK!! All fiberglass
    if you pull the header pipe off the motor there are some welds there on the inside of the pipe....you grind them out with a dremel tool I assume.....

    Buy that K&N intake system.....it eliminates the whole stock intake box and filter.....
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