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    I've seen attack ships on fire on the shoulder of Orion, I've seen moon beams glisten at the Ten hauser gate, all those memories lost like tears in the rain. - Roy Batty #orion #madmedia #visionwheel #bfgoodrichtires #ridefox #bajadesigns #Maximausa #utvunderground
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    The new 70-mile course at the 2022 UTV World Championship (The California 300) is amazing!

    Rough, rocks, sand washes, rally roads, a little bit of everything! And lots of passing! Most people have no idea how good the riding is in Barstow. Stoked to share it with everyone!
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    Podcast from 2022 Sand Sports

    Had a blast doing this with you guys! Show was packed!
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    Electric (EV) UTVs

    Check out the new EV UTV from Volcon.
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    Electric (EV) UTVs

    We are seeing several manufacturers offer electric or (EV) UTV's. What are your questions or concerns about moving to and EV UTV Platfrom?
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    Lake Powell UTV Fest

    Looks rad!
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    What UTV exhaust system are you using and why?

    S&S Cycle just entered the UTV market with new UTV exhaust system. Full article here:
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    What UTV exhaust system are you using and why?

    What UTV exhaust system are you using and why?
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    The perfect UTV Tool Kit

    I have had hundreds of people ask "What tools should I carry in my UTV?" In most cases tools are incomplete, they get lost, destroyed, etc. Now Assault Industries has come up with the perfect solution for UTV enthusiasts, The Assault Industries On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit. The Assault Industries...
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    California Trail Map

    Rad! You should be an advertiser!
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    What's the perfect short course length?

    Working on the short course UTV race at the UTV World Championship/California 300. What is the perfect lap length? 6 miles? 45-minute moto? Give us your input!
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    Cage Pricing what to expect?

    Good questions. Don't skimp on cage quality. It could literally cost you your life.
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    New Polaris RZR R to Race The Baja 1000! Who do you got to win?

    New Class. Looks like they will now start in front of the Class 10 cars at the Baja 500.

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