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    Elka Shock Giveaway

    I got the call today! I won!!!!! super stoked to have these shocks...thanks ELKA!
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    Parker BITD 425 2/7/15

    I will be on Shea..great place to watch. I stopped bringing utv years ago ...better off just driving seeing how most of course is closed.
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    Where did you Ride for Thanksgiving??

    Glamis!!! im ready however to switch it up next year and do something like Joey did... 20 years the same Thanksgiving....i love Glamis but its time.
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    T day Glamis ?

    leaving tomorrow thru- turkey day:D PAD 4
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    Who was that guy

    The Guy was off the chain!!!....he even let me take Mic from him, AND WAS GREAT WITH THE KIDDOS ALSO!! hats off to him and POLARIS!!
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    UTV Underground Desert Rally II Dec 12-14 Ocotillo Wells

    didnt this use to be in spring?
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    2014 Camp RZR Glamis - Halloween!

    Mark Im in the Same boat...looking for a usually on pad 4...but thinking about going near the store somewhere by the action...Im pulling in Thursday night with the family..
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    Desert to mountain ride Sunday October 19th

    Plumber, Be buddies got a ticket for riding there last weekend for the vehicle parked...another for there RZRS in a non ohv area. Just a heads up!!!:o
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    2014 Camp RZR Glamis - Halloween!

    Im in!!! cant wait !! Is UTVUG/la familia camping in one general area by the event? or just anywhere that's available near the store/vedors?
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    All UTV's building a desert play race utv

    I was in the same boat as you..called everyone listed above and either didnt like the design, price or both. I ended up @ fabwerx for a great price and designed my own cage. Thads # 818-438-0791 you can also search fabwerx on search bar. good luck!!
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    sand show

    im going friday night..
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    Polaris return policy. ???

    Actually there is a cooling off period, its a 500.00 form you fill out at purchase...its works for vehicles ...iv'e done it ...not sure tho if the form is offered at a UTV PURCHASE.

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