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    What up bro! When ur next trip out?

    What up bro! When ur next trip out?
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    Commander 1000 0-73Mph, 21 seconds

    NEED for SPEED:D
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    Project "2Times"

    What up Joey, late response on my part. Yah this build is sick!
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    Project "2Times"

    GREAT! build keep up the good work
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    July 24th (Sat.) Ocotillo Full Moon Ride

    where is everyone meeting up at?
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    Pala Grand Prix Race Video

    Any time, when is your next trip out to the dez?
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    Pala Grand Prix Race Video

    what up Joey? it was nice to meet you in person, the utv races were awesome i counted three rollovers total, it was crazy
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    Glamis Anyone

    That sounds pretty good i have wanted to go and check out the pala track. I finally got my suspension dialed in will see how it handles this weekend, will keep you updated for next weekend Joey
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    Glamis Anyone

    Glamis this weekend 6th and 7th yahh
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    Yamaha bored throttle body results

    What setting on the msd? is it a custom map?
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    Yamaha Msd maps

    looks good, is it loud? how much?
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    You like the rain in vc

    You like the rain in vc
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    Yamaha Msd maps

    Thats, what i am thinking about.
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    Yamaha Msd maps

    I did talk to Chris today he sounds like a really cool guy. i want to take my rhino to him but need a better exhaust i need one with a bung on the head pipe

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