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  • Sorry we will m.iss this trip- but we will see you in February ... have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!
    I will talk to Roy! Why did I think all were going to Ocotillo??? LOL! Would love to see you guys. We got our toy hauler YEAH!
    I normally would, but I got this group of guys that go to Glamis all the time and for the past 2yrs they have been on my back to hang with them. So I told them I would go with them the day after Christmas to New yrs.

    But hey, we were in Cal City (witch is were we normally camp) on Thanksgiving for 5 days and it was a Zoo up there, It reminded me of Glamis back in the old days.......Crazy!!

    Cant wait to hook up with you guys again and taste your awesome Margaritas.......Im always watching you guys on here......Be safe.
    It needs to be replaced...............Sorry the case is a cast and very hard to weld. The weld would not last INMO.
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