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    Helmet Speakers

    I currently have the Rugged Alpha Audio helmet speakers and am disappointed in the quality of sound for music. No lows what so ever. I have adjusted my EQ on my Iphone to see if that would help, but no dice. Is this as good as it gets for helmet kits and music?
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    Braven Ironside Tire Reviews?

    Looking for some reviews and feedback on this tire. mI interested in a 30"x10"x14", are these tires running true to size mounted on a 7" rim?
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    Kanati Terra Master Tire from GBC Motorsports is Now In Stock

    Weight of a 30"x10"x14"? No info on there site yet...
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    Help me buy a 4 seat UTV

    Grab yourself a used xp4 900, solid machines, and you can find them cheap because everyone wants a 1000.
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    My XP1K build CarrOne, Nelson & Nelson, SSV Works

    You got skills! Great build, thanks for sharing.
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    Anyone into guns??

    Agreed, I am in the same boat too, this state is retarded.
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    Best E-Rated AT Tire

    I'm a BFG all terrain fan as well, I have been running them for the last 25 years with zero issues.
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    5th Wheel Hitch Set Up

    Make sure you have adequate clearance from the top of your bed rail and the bottom of cab. I recommend nothing less than 8" of clearance. I would shoot for 10" or so. You have adjustment on your kingpin and hitch.
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    Bitchen truck and trailer Joey, congrats! I would recommend 4 6v Trojan batteries and an inverter if it doesn't already have one. That way you can run tv, DVD, Xbox, laptop, etc., without the geny. Also, I would mount a full size truck spare on your truck if you have room, if not under the...
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    Rugged Radio RM-25R 25 watt Radio

    has anyone have any experience with this radio? Is the speaker on the unit loud enough to hear while on the go. Opinions wanted. I don't want to run a helmet kit if possible.
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    Tires that work good in the sand and dirt??

    I have had good luck with my GMZ Cutthroats, I will run them again when I wear these out.
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    Trinity Racing 2017 RZR 1000 Build

    Is the old car for sale?
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    Oil Filter Relocation

    Is anyone making a kit to relocate the oil filter for a XP900. I'm tired of having to remove the back seat and harnesses just to change oil.
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    Disisabled kid Looking to work for a utv team or trophy truck team.

    Stay strong Brett and go get that job!

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