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  1. deviant_illusion

    Bonneville Off Road Wendover 200 Results and Recap

    I have had several requests for BOR hoodies like I had on at the race. So Im going to do an order and let the profits go towards funding the 2014 season. $30ea please add $5 if you want me to ship it or your welcome to pick up at my house in Grantsville, my work in slc or any of the BOR...
  2. deviant_illusion

    BorRacing Wendover 2013 Race Win a Free 20" Light Bar

    We have our flagship Wendover Nevada Race coming up October 5th this year. Please like and share our facebook page and make sure to sign up for the 20" light bar giveaway...
  3. deviant_illusion

    I need an 08 teryx service manual

    I am replacing the crank in my 08 teryx this weekend and a service manual would really help. I know lti has it on their site but not for download I would like to be able to print off some pages to keep by me during the rebuild. So far all google has turned up is tons of dead links. Thanks...
  4. deviant_illusion

    Bonneville Red Rock Scramble Pictures

    A few from last weekends BOR Racing's Scramble.
  5. deviant_illusion

    Thanks UTV Underground

    I stopped visiting awhile ago and had a member contact me here about a question on some pics and make a comment about me getting screwed. I left him a reply and it made me happy to be a member on the underground. , I really want to point out I don't feel like anyone screwed...
  6. deviant_illusion

    Utah sxs race, any interest?

    I have strongly been tossing around the idea if doing a sxs race next spring at delle. My thoughts: Less abusive then a traditional style desert course. (Stock friendly) 30ish mile track each driver takes two runs. Thinking either take the best of the 2 or average both time together...
  7. deviant_illusion

    All UTV's T4 on a budget?

    My t4 bed sides should be here tomorrow. Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk
  8. deviant_illusion

    White Rock Utah Feb 18-19

    Download PDF
  9. deviant_illusion

    All UTV's Cheap and easy 3mph top speed gain

    I know its not scientific but I put UTV Underground stickers on and show 3 mph more top speed on gps...... Just sayin guys it worked for me. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  10. deviant_illusion

    BOR Wendover 300 May 28th 2011

  11. deviant_illusion

    Bonneville Off-Road 2011 UTV/Mini Buggy class definitions and rules.

    2011 Bonneville Off-Road UTV Class Definition and Rules UTV Sportsman Stock Class Under 750 cc Class Notes Maximum engine size 750cc All UTV’s in this class must have originally come from the factory with 4 wheel drive and a bed. Two seats positioned side by side are required...
  12. deviant_illusion

    Wendover 300 Rewound October 23 * Utah Nevada UTV desert racing *

    Come check out our forum Categories - B.O.R. Forum We have a class from stock to open and would love to see all UTV's show up. UTV race should be right around 140 miles with a figure 8 track So you can pit at the start finish. Fuel trucks will take fuel to check points if you cant make a 80...
  13. deviant_illusion

    1929 UTV looking for codawg for Wendover 300 this October

    I am looking for someone that want to ride shotgun with me in Wendover Race this fall and is willing to help with prep (labor) and gas. I have a 2008 Teryx that has been entered in 2 races and has yet to finish one. I feel good about this one but you just never know so be ready for the...
  14. deviant_illusion

    Shock Valving?

    So I have been playing with the sock valving allot on my teryx. I just ordered some more shim stack from polly performance and got a call saying they wont ship for a week and a half so I have been surfing the web looking at how other UTV owners have their shocks set up only to find 1 ya just one...
  15. deviant_illusion

    Teryx bent frame fix

    So I posted this on a teryx forum but since I had the same problem with my Rhino when I owned it I thought others may enjoy seeing this so I will post it up here. Like the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words.
  16. deviant_illusion

    Homemade Teryx Long Travel

    This thread is going to follow my long travel build for my Teryx. I have few reasons for sharing this build. First while this type of fabrication in home garages is some what common for sand cars off road buggies desert trucks their doesn't seem to be much of it on the web for the UTV guys...
  17. deviant_illusion

    Wendover Nevada UTV Race ( Utah Racing )

    Bonneville Off-road Racing (B.O.R.) Is back and wants to include UTV racing for their race September 19th in Wendover Nevada. They want your input and feedback to see what type of turn out they can get and what type of race course you would be interesed in running. This is a post made by...
  18. deviant_illusion

    Is their any UTV racing in Utah?

    Im looking for a place to race here in Utah. Or even wendover area. Any one know of anything going on this year?

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