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  1. GunnTeryx4

    Looking to make your UTV stand out from the rest?????

    PreOrder A cage before the Sand Show to yours first. Call DG cages to get a pre Sand Show discount before everyone places their orders! He is a few of the cages they built for some sick RZR's. When you call mention your a member, is ad, and Brandon sent you. Just trying to save my fellow UTV...
  2. GunnTeryx4

    Happy Birthday JoeyD!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Brotha... Hope you have a good one! Sent from my SGH-T499 using Tapatalk 2
  3. GunnTeryx4

    Kawasaki 2014 Teryx2 Fox shocks, fit on Teryx4?

    Will the new factory 2014 Teryx2 fox shocks fit and spring rate the same as the Teryx4? Please help of you know the answer... Sent from my SGH-T499 using Tapatalk 2
  4. GunnTeryx4

    Kawasaki Lowering seats in the Teryx4?

    Does anybody have a how-to video or pictures of how to lower the stock seats down in the T4? Thanks! Sent from my SGH-T499 using Tapatalk 2
  5. GunnTeryx4

    All UTV's Teryx 2 & 4 custom radius cage?

    Has anyone from Benchmark, Long Travel Industries, DG, SDR, SR8 Up, ect. make a radius cage for the 2012 up T2, T4 yeat? Ive been waiting for one. Please post your builds/cages if so. Kind of like Rustys Idea but extends to the bumper of the car! Something that smoothly flows back like the rzr1k...
  6. GunnTeryx4

    Pictures from SXSPerformance night ride

    Post all your pictures and videos here from the 6/21/2014 SXS Performane night ride here: Sent from my SGH-T499 using Tapatalk 2
  7. GunnTeryx4

    My truck stolen in S.D. Help look

    Everyone around San Diego, please be on the lookout for my stolen Ford F 250. Big UTVUnderground sticker on rear window. Was taken from my wifes work a middle school in North County, San Marcos. if seen call the cops immediately thank you for your help
  8. GunnTeryx4

    Pictures from the Ocotillo Well trip 4/4-4/6/14

    Sent from my SGH-T499 using Tapatalk 2
  9. GunnTeryx4

    Ocotillo Wells Trip April 4th-6th

    We will be camping off poleline rd. We hope to get a large group together. Post if you can make it out....Thank you
  10. GunnTeryx4

    Post Pics of Your Teryx's, Show off you builds

    Here is mine so far. I will post a new pic when I get my roof on.
  11. GunnTeryx4

    My Teryx4 first ride and Video Here is my videos I took at Ocotillo Wells from blows and over to shell reef. Hope you like them.
  12. GunnTeryx4

    Ocotillo Wells trip March 1st,2nd??

    We are going to Ocotillo Wells March 1st and 2nd on Pole Line Road. I hope to see you guys out there. we will be just passed the cross street of the second bathroom on the right hand side, showing on the map. here's a picture of my setup so you guys can find us. I will have a flagpole with a...
  13. GunnTeryx4

    All UTV's Kawasaki Teryx 4 roof wanted

    Im looking for a Kawasaki Teryx4 roof to throw on my stock cage until I can get a custom cage. Cheap or free please..

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