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    Another new cali law against gun owners please read this is REAL BAD

    Another CA Law Better wake up! Warning – SB 249 is California’s Worst Gun Confiscation Threat in 20 Years Ammoland ^ | 10 August, 2012 | NRA-ILA Posted on Saturday, August 11, 2012 7:07:03 AM by marktwain Charlotte, NC --( Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco now trying...
  2. J

    Lucky ladies check this out guys can to if your into this

    HELP! Man Auction! - Yamaha Rhino Forum - Rhino Hope you dont mind Joey for this link :D
  3. J

    hpi savage flux rc video

    check this out this is what im jonesing to by so badly standing backflips now thats power
  4. J

    Kawasaki got a xmf kit today

    the rex is all apart and most is back on it just waitng for my axles to get back and few other items from my super secret powdercoat place I.e the fence company next to my shop, i may polish the complete shock bodies just for the hell of it
  5. J

    Who has the bumps

    lets see some pics of those stereo systems some of you have in those dope rides I will get mine posted when i take some pics
  6. J

    Can't miss tv

    Hey ya'll whats those fav tv shows you guys have that you just dont ever miss watching or set the tivo for? thses are mine xtreme 4x4, ultimate factories, anything that is off road racing, and drag racing, i'm sure some of you will laugh at this one but nip/tuck
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    distinguished road?

    what are those boxes that when you scroll to them it says is on a distinguished road or it will say is a unknown quantity? what are they for or represent? Any info be much appreciated.:D
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    this is gonna be the best thread

    eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Just for you joey i may have to invite your best bud over
  9. J

    1967 camaro rs prostreet

    let me figure out how to post up pics here
  10. J

    Sup beecrotch

    I made the switch also alot of familiar names i see already. So can we have sum real fun over here?

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