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    Pretty excited, our Black Pearl XP1K is...

    shipping on Friday. I didn't think I'd buy another ride, figured the 08 Teryx was it. We did have a lot fo fun with it, and it was a much improved machine wit the LT on it, but it was way down on power and I didn't want to drop a fortune on it to turn it into something it wasn't. And then we saw...
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    Question on seat fitment

    I am pondering the possibility of selling the Teryx and buying a XP1k. If it works out I'd like very much to take my Twisted Stitch Seats with me, and sell the Teryx with stock fronts in it. (It is going to hurt enough losing the $ on the LT and such) I had the T.s.'s custom made for me and my...
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    Kawasaki Gauges, etc.

    I want to install a behind-the-steering wheel gauge pod and reached out to one of the sponsors..haven't heard back via pm so I sent a ? on their site. Anyway I want a plain black behind=the steering wheel gauge pod for my '08. I want a tach in the center and a fuel guage on the right. My...
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    Oregon Dunes last part of June first part of July

    My little group of UTV'ers is going to be at the Horsefall campground up at Oregon Dunes over the last weekend in June/first part of July. Last time I was up there was 15 years ago with the first V-8 rail I built. Looking forward to it, if any of you folks are going to be in the area we'd love...
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    Clean bill of health, a question..

    Well guys had another little hiccup, my back this time, bottom line is they can't fix anymore without a multilevel fusion so I am gonna grin and bear it and get on with living. I have had enough doctors and tests for the year, I hope. Got the Teryx out the other day and played with it, we have...
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    What I have been up to.

    Didn't know where to put this, it ain't a trip (yet) so i thought i'd throw it out here for discussion... I had another little setback, but that is ALL behind me know and I am going nuts waiting for the spring to arrive. We already have a trip set in stone to Vegas for the NASCAR race, and a...
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    Factory Teryx parts online??

    The nearest Kawasaki dealer to me is an hour or more away, and they can order parts but won't UPS them to me, some stuff I have to do two round trips down there to get stuff, one to order and one to pick up. Is there a good source for Factory Teryx Parts that any fo you fellows have used online...
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    My world lately...a good ride, and bumps in the road.

    Well when I logged in it told me it has been over a month since I was here. I just wanted to let my pals here know I am still above ground, but have a full plate, so my time really has not been my own. We lost out jury-rigged internet connection about 3 weeks ago, and just yesterday got up...
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    I want to humbly point out a few things I see about the industry, that, well, bug the crap out of me. It may just be me, but here goes. This is directed at all of the shops that supply engine big-bore kits, do head work, etc. Having spent time on all the usual suspect forums, I see all of you...
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    LED exterior trailer lighting.

    I have a 93 TPD enclosed trailer I bought new and have towed all over the west; the wife and were just talking and I think we have towed it in excess of 30k... 3 imes to Glamis at 1300 round trip, 4 times to Idaho at 1500 round trip, once to Dumont, 1200 miles. 5 times to Oregon at 500 miles...
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    All UTV's ITP Warranty is Legit

    Here is a pic of the wheel I broke last weekend. I was on their website this am trying to get a part number and info and saw a hot link to their warranty info. They have a lifetime warranty on their wheels to the original owner. I called their shop the fellow I spoke to said, "no problem...
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    This is a trip report, and a report on my experience with the new Cognito Fox RC2 LT kit on my 08 Teryx.<O:p</O:p Short version…it works; it works like crazy, and has a smile-per-dollar value that makes the Teryx a different animal, one worth owning. There is absolutely zero chance I’d ever have...
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    THE SICKNESS; Do ya ever get it?

    I got it now. A subtle, yet very real upset stomach that comes along before every trip to the sand. The first time I got it was on a warm summer night some 35 years ago, in the wee hours of the morning on a deserted flat, straight two-lane stretch of road we called "slaughterhouse" that gathered...
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    Sand Mountain, Nv..Easter

    If there are any UTVUG folks in northern California or the Reno area planning to be at "The Mountain' over Easter weekend, please post up! We are rolling in on Saturday and leaving on Monday or Tuesday, just a short trip.I am not much into big weekends anymore but can't resist the temptation to...
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    My son has purchased his first home.

    He gets the keys tomorrow. I am so proud of this kid. He is almost 27, out on his own, and has bought his first house. He was a senior in 2001, and went right down to the Army and enlisted the day after the attacks. 3 days after he graduated he was gone. He has been a great example to his...
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    Question....How come the chabox went away?

    For awhile the chatbox was at the top of my page, I made a comment in it and now it is gone. I checked my settings and don't see anything to make it go away, what did I do, or what do I need to do to put it back up there? -I know this is going to be so stupid easy but I wanna know!:D
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    Kawasaki My Cognito RC2 Kit is here!

    My RC2 kit was shipped from Cognito yesterday, and arrived 350 miles later at my friends shop this afternoon. I have been buying hot rod parts most of my adult life and have NEVER had something show up the next day from that far away unless I paid for overnight. We live in one of those towns ya...
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    My rig...

    It is a '97 F-350, the one and only brand new vehicle I have ever owned, 7.3 turbodiesel, not even close to stock, if you want details let me know. The camper is a 01 Arctic Fox 990 with a full wall slideout, great for a couple and gicves us options to tow the toy traler or our boat. We love the...
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    Kawasaki Question regarding Lt and wheel fitment

    I have an '08 LE and I am trying like crazy to sell my '65 Beetle to convert the cash into a LT setup for the 'Rex. I am not looking at the mid travel setups because we don't ride in width restricted areas and I want as much ride quality improvement as possible. I have had major back surgery and...
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    New guy from NorCal

    Checked this forum out tonight for the first time and found a ton of info that just isn't happening elsewhere. anyway, old guy, former rail jockey with a bad back, now have a Teryx to just enjoy the outdoors with the family. We are duners, and our home dunes are Sand Mountain, Nv. Look forward...

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