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  1. Nate@AEM

    AEM CD-5 5" Dash with Carbon Fiber Enclosure Now Available

    Hey everyone, I've been gone a while but thought I'd drop back in and mention that our new CD-5 dash is now available. It's has all the great things that the CD-7 has but in a smaller package and uses a new flow molded carbon fiber enclosure making it strong and lighter. One slight...
  2. Nate@AEM

    AEM Performance Electronics products for your UTV

    Okay, now that I've introduced myself, let's see what kinds of fun things AEM makes that you can use on your UTV. As you may have seen, we have a new plug and play kit to install our CD-7 color dash display into a Polaris RZR. The CD-7 is an extremely capable and flexible color dash...
  3. Nate@AEM


    Hi all, Just wanted to make a quick introduction. I'm Nate from AEM. I'm one of the product development engineers here. We're excited to have the opportunity to share info and highlight the different products we offer that can be used on an UTV. Most posts coming soon. Nate

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