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    All UTV's Power commander PC5 Auto tune

    Hey looking for some info! I am looking to get a PC5 auto tune from dynojet for my xp 1000. Iv looked online and they only have a few maps. With the auto tune do you run certain maps and it will tune automatically or should I get it dynoed first? Any thoughts would be great thanks!ffice:office"...
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    Polaris rzr xp 1000 tie rods?

    Has any one tryed aftermarket tie rods for a xp1000? i heard some aftermarket ones creat bump steer? any imput would be awesome thanks!
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    Polaris razor xp 1000 adjusting the preload questions

    rzr xp 1000 adjusting the preload questions I am wondering if anyone has messed with the preload and ride hight on stock shocks? I would love to buy fox but I have stock for now and trying to get it to sit a little lower for better cornering? Any tried this or have any suggestions Would be...

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