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    WOW.. What was this guy thinking ?

    I couldn't stop laughing :eek:
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    Bike guy going sidexside

    Thanks for the welcome.:D I already got all the ugly warning stickers off. I'm currently working on a fix for the intake tube that was so poorly designed for the 570.:mad:
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    Bike guy going sidexside

    Thanks for the warm welcome:)
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    Bike guy going sidexside

    I went ahead and finished the deal on a 13 base 570. I bought it for 9,6**.** . I couldn't pass up the price. I will post some pics as soon as I pick it up. I can't wait to start modding:)
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    Can-Am SGM Commander Build

    Love the fab work!!!!!:D
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    Getting my first UTV tomorrow!

    Amen to that!!:)
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    Back in the game...

    Looks sick!! Great job
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    Getting my first UTV tomorrow!

    Im buying my first rzr within the next week. I too am a moto guy. (11 yz250f). I have been wearing FOX my whole riding career!!!!:D Update us on how you like your rzr
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    Greetings from Ohio

    Welcome from Columbus!
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    Bike guy going sidexside

    Well the time has come to get a sidexside. The wife and I are looking at trading in her raptor 250 and my yz250f on a rzr. I have been riding/racing dirt bikes my whole life. I'm ready to try riding/racing in a rzr with my wife. I need your guys help. I need a sidexside that is 50in legal...

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