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  1. fieldsinv

    No More Clutch or Belt Issues!

    Hi Guys, I usually don't write to many post, but I can say that I personally have the MTNTK Blow Hole on my 2012 RZR XP900, with over 2500 miles on the factory belt. I recommended the Blow Hole to 3 other friends and they have not replaced a belt since. Wither your racing or leisurely riding...
  2. fieldsinv

    My RZR loving dog Jack

    Great video Ken and Jack:)
  3. fieldsinv

    What did UTV santa bring you?

    I got a new roof for my XP. :D
  4. fieldsinv

    New From So Cal (XP 1000)

    Welcome Matt, enjoy the site and have fun riding.
  5. fieldsinv

    New dude!

    Welcome Jason
  6. fieldsinv

    new guy...first ride :)

    Welcome Joe.
  7. fieldsinv Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    On the road in 12 hours...yippee cant wait.:D
  8. fieldsinv

    Picked up our XP1000 today

    That is one bad ass 1000, I think you should take Joey up on the utvug feature...:D
  9. fieldsinv

    Another HOOKUP for ALL MEMBERS! Take a survey and win 1 of 17 Best Buy Gift Cards!!!

    Re: Another HOOKUP for ALL MEMBERS! Take a survey and win 1 of 17 Best Buy Gift Cards I got it done also. Planning on a shopping spree. :)
  10. fieldsinv

    WARNING Chaparral will not return deposit on SxS

    Wow, I will never buy from them.
  11. fieldsinv

    Chance for someone to score parts

    Awesome, Great purchase Jason. You will truly love it.
  12. fieldsinv

    POLARIS Wants to give YOU a FREE HOODIE!!!

    Those are both great shots, my vote is in. Thanks Joey
  13. fieldsinv

    Hi from Oklahoma

    Welcome Scott
  14. fieldsinv


    Welcome John, With some Gordon name on it......
  15. fieldsinv

    hello to all

    Welcome Tony
  16. fieldsinv

    Hi everyone

    Welcome Nick
  17. fieldsinv


    I x2 the music, the lack of experience and first time out is a learning experience he will never forget. I also bet he will never tap the brake again while in the air. :D
  18. fieldsinv

    All UTV's Check out our ride to Slash X!

    Now thats on a to do list.
  19. fieldsinv

    STUMPWERKS LTD HAMMERS VIDEO of La Familia's Angie And Melissa

    Angie and Melissa great job. Looking forward to the video.
  20. fieldsinv

    UTVUnderground Nominated for TELLY AWARD - PLEASE HELP US WIN

    Done - Most viewed and I hope voted so far.
  21. fieldsinv

    All UTV's Whats up with the RZR-S

    Interesting, but Jason you know the XP will look good in the garage :)
  22. fieldsinv

    Miller Canyon Feb 10th

    I want to go........
  23. fieldsinv

    Kawasaki My Kawasaki T4

    Rusty, Glad to see you got it and making the fine touches. Looking forward to our next ride.
  24. fieldsinv

    My ride

    Welcome John, More pictures, I've heard you hit every trail in the area. Post before and after pics of your new ride. Take Care Le
  25. fieldsinv

    Chance for someone to score parts

    I will swap tires and rims if still avail. Call when avail. PM Sent. Le
  26. fieldsinv

    ISA Convention at The Endless Summer Party put on by SXS Performance

    Great trail riding, scenic views and fun.
  27. fieldsinv

    Dirt Series Rd# 8 at Pala Raceway UTVunderground Pictures

    Those pics and video's are great.
  28. fieldsinv

    ISA Convention at The Endless Summer Party put on by SXS Performance

    Thanks for the Endless Summer Party. ISA you did a great job making this a memoriable 1st Annual Convention. You could not have picked a better venue as the service and staff at Glamis North Hot Springs was awesone. I really had a great time and thought the meeting for very informative. Those in...
  29. fieldsinv

    Incident on 3N93 Holcomb Creek on Saturday 7-14-12

    It’s truly amazing how the ignorance of some can be so obvious. For starters, this forum welcomes discussion, but for someone to come an outright attack LAW ABIDING, US Citizens in the manner which insinuated “An incident occurred on 7-14-12 on 3N93 Holcomb Creek in the San Bernardino...
  30. fieldsinv

    Silverwood/miller RIDE 7-14-12 La Famillia

    :D What an AWESOME weekend. More than 25 UTV’s enjoying the trails of Miller Canyon. I had a blast with my XP. I arrived right before the ride began, jumped out the truck unloaded the XP and got in line. Off we went following Rich our trail leader. At the Squints Ranch area 10 UTV’s...
  31. fieldsinv


    Wow, its nice to see so many pleased with Rugged Radio. Based on what I've read, I recommended them to a friend who has had the worst luck with them. He ordered (2) headsets to complete his install for our trip this past weekend and one of them arrived with a defective mic. After a day and a...
  32. fieldsinv

    Beware TREVOR SMITH @ 747INK.must read

    Man, it seems someome is going to be a good candidate for a 72 hour hold. Joey, keep up the good work.
  33. fieldsinv

    Polaris Just started makin it our own

    No kiddin, it looks great. It will truly standout.
  34. fieldsinv

    EXCLUSIVE. Video from the Baja 1000!

    And some wonder why Locals get killed each year..........I was near the Borrego crossing this year when a loco was hit by a flying tire. He was just a spectator.
  35. fieldsinv

    Worcs Can Ham work in progress

    Great looking utv.:)
  36. fieldsinv

    Motocomm Riderlink ORV-1

    Whao, you really get alot with this set-up. I'm sure you can change the radios used as the image showes several plug types.
  37. fieldsinv


    :) Great Pics RZRluvr, thanks for all your advise.
  38. fieldsinv


    Thanks everyone for an awesome weekend. I had a blast on the day and night rides. I've learned alot from PB, Shannon & George. I'm looking forward to more rides in the future. Le
  39. fieldsinv


    :) This is going to be a fun trip. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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