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    Rzr 1000 new cage design

    This is my newest designed cage. I was sick of rain landing in my lap from the cage. So came up with this flat roof so front eyebrow goes past and water rolls of good now not on me. Then I wanted to mount a rifle behind rear passenger so did the same back there so no rain hits it. Me and my...
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    RZR turbo clutch

    Mr adam did you get any farther on factory turbo clutch. I installed your duner kit, it helps but I see were a secondary and springs would help out even more. Let us know on your status.
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    Will the king be dethroned 2016 KOH

    Will the king be dethroned this year or will he keep his streak alive. Who will do it, How many will finish this year, will there be an upset from can am or kitty cat or will it be a turbo utv? Who do you got. I am gonna go with blake, He keeps trying but those bushes keep taking him out. Mr...
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    PCI race radio 50 watt

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    BITD 425, KOH, UTV world championship

    With 3 huge events coming up next month, plus dune season which ones or all will you be attending or racing in. I will be at parker supporting 1566 all week and throwing water ballons at johnny and his bad ass 6100 truck. Trying to make utv world championship for fun but that work thing is...
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    4 seat turbo rzr

    So I finally got my new family wagon a 4 seat turbo Polaris rzr. I put about 300 miles on it over the holidays, playing in the high desert of AZ. Had to turn compression knobs all the way to softest position to make all the Rocky areas smoother. For 300 miles only bottom out once compared to...
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    walker evans velocity/ fox internal bypass/king internal bypass/elka 2.5

    What are the difference? What shock is better? What shock works better in desert compared to dune riding? Which shock would you put on your utv?Which one is more adjustable to all riding?
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    Who wins desert challenge

    Who will win desert challenge? Will we see turbo's start to dominate or will the desert spit them out? Will Can am start to pull away from the field? Will a N/A rzr 1000 win? Will there be a Yamaha there to race with N/A rzr 1000 to justify making a new class/ RZR 1000 n/a class lol? I am going...
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    who wins V2R

    Since nobody will talk about it. I am going with mattlock and Scanlon turns his season. Biggest question will be johnny, this will make or break his season its a double points race go big or go home. who will be overall I am going with Eduardo laguna
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    turbo rules

    UTV-15 T TURBOCHARGERS: Pro Production UTV class Factory turbochargers are allowed. Turbochargers must not be modified, altered or changed. Turbochargers must remain exactly as delivered from the factory. ECUs must be stock, no ECU flashing is allowed. ALL Turbocharged UTV’s racing in the Pro...
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    turbo maverick clutch

    My question, Who has the best clutch set up out there for these turbo set up? I see they locked the primary up now and the secondary looks like a stm knock off. What are the dune guys running, what about the desert guys or is everyone keeping them stock? I reflashed ECU clutch works right around...
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    turbo's in desert racing

    My question is score doing the best option with the ECU. What if I change exhaust? What if I change air cleaner and plenum? How will that effect the tune/ecu. What if I have an old model with new ECU? Will my speed limiter be the same as everyone else? What happens if score has stock ECU...
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    2013 maverick 1000 seater for sale

    custom cage with aluminum roof and 50" light bar. dome light, pro armor doors nerf bars, front bumper,gear one heavy duty rack with heavy duty tie rod, new rear shocks 2.5 fox shocks with high and low speed and rebound adjustment. All shocks re sprung and re valved. 5 point harness, power...
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    who wins the parker 250/150

    will it be can am or Polaris,will it be a non manufactured team who will win.
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    Polaris polaris xp1100

    This is the rzr I built to scare a customer hopefully it will do the trick. It has a Z1 motor in it running about 25lb of boost, Air to air intercooler. I tried to hide a lot of it so you wouldn't notice it having a turbo and different motor but its loud with the 3" exhaust. But it looks good at...
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    BITD rules

    will the turbo can am change the rules like Polaris changed the cc rule? or will Polaris have a turbo one 2 were they have to change rules?
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    cbs baja 500 vs red bull mint 400

    which show was better or which one did you like. what changes would you like to see. looks like most of the utv coverage was on on the Baja 1000.
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    Polaris 2011-2012 polaris parts for sale

    for sale bazzaz with auto tune comes with everything to adjust fuel with oxygen sensor $210 obo. Primary and secondary with springs helix and weights ready to install all still tight and with in tolerance $450 obo. Polaris power steering with bracket and both plugs and cover for $1000 obo...
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    removable truck box for sale

    removable truck box comes with miller generator/welder, center roll out cabinet, 4 huge side storages ready for work or races. will fit in short box but have to leave tailgate down. long bed you can close tailgate. has locks on all. $4800 obo call me 623-256-2050 rito
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    All UTV's 900 muzzy,clutches, k&n air cleaner for sale

    . 900 primary and secondary with dirty dawg kit $350obo. call me 623-496-5925 rito Z1 conversion
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    Polaris xp900 for sale

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    1937 bitd car for sale

    1936 bitd car for sale this car has everything. Queen big bore motor with all the upgrades rods,pistons, everythimg. Xmf front suspension ready and preped to go. fox shocks,gear one rack, cbr big radiator,tranny and rear end just rebuilt, summer brother axles, dirty dawg clutching...
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    1936 vinagro race recap

    we had a game plan to run a conservative finish and get the points to make a run at the championship. we accomplished our goals pulled a 4th gained on coastal lost a little to murrary but stayed a head of Brandon. The race to v2r was a long day. the car was a little under powered sensor...
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    XL edition 10" longer

    well i finally finished the XL edition came out bad ass. we ended up making it 10" longer than a stock xp. My goal was to make it look like it came off polaris assemble line. The frame was the easiest part the rest alot of work just so many small things driveshaft,water lines,wiring harness...
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    1936 mint 400 race

    Let me start by saying it was a long day in my pee pants lol. We started 1st off the line next to jagged 1931 car. we new this was going to be a drag race with them. Queen versus Kroyer power. The green light came on and let the race begin. We pulled 1931 kroyer motor off the line thru the turns...
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    2013 XL edition build

    what should we do with this project BITD/Worcs/Lucas/Dunes build. we are calling it the XL edition. more to come
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    1936 BITD race parker 250

    this is my race day adventure i will call it. we started 2nd to last in the pro class. We knew we had a long dusty road ahead of us right off the back murrary was broke then coastal so we were moving up slowly. we could keep kingpin just in view until we hit the washes there was so much dust it...
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    09 rzr s

    this is one of my good friends rzr s his daughter drove. it has a jagged x cage with aluminum roof,xmf mirror,bs sand seats,simpson harness, and removable cooler rack. he keeps everything in killer shape. it only has 900 miles on it big horns are not even half worn $11,000 obo call me during 8-5...
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    1936 v2r story

    I want to start off by saying that was a long 2 day's me and my crew really didn't sleep tell saturday night. We drove all the way back to peoria az to be home by 7:30 pm saturday.I think the dodge never shut off for 3 days. we were staged 5th off the line we had 2 street bike guys and 1 xp...
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    1937 & 1936 silver state race

    What can i say that was a long day. Started 2:30 in the morning and that long drive to alamo. Both cars were off the line running good the 1937 car caught the john deere within first mile after that a couple cars were already pulled over so we were moving up good. By mile 44 the coastal got bye...
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    2012 bitd points

    1917 1st 132 1918 2nd 128 tied with 1911 1930 3rd 126 1907 4th 123 1943 5th 116 1904 6th 106 1921 7th 98 tied with 1932 1937 8th 94 1949 9th 83 1934 10th 92 1919 11th 83 1950 12th 82 1920 13th 74 1913 14th 50 1938 15th 41 15 utvs in the hunt for the championship lets see how many...
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    rzr xp4 shocks

    i have question to everyone that has a xp4. Does your suspension suck our is it just both cars we got. you cant bomb the whoops at olds with any speed. going thru whoop section just about throws rear end off course.did waker evan do a bad job at shock selection or did polaris miss the boat. If...
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    1937 & 1936 mint 400 recap

    well for the 1937 car was an ok day we finished 9th but it was the ruffest ride out there. We started 13th off the line we hung with jagged for a little while but were beating the car to death so we slowed down about that time parks blew by us. he was hauling the mail. But as we kept moving at a...
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    UTVRA rule Question

    i have a rule question for the UTVRA rule book.I just built a rzr xp2 to race. If i wanted to race a rzr xp4. according to the rules i would have to sell my car then by a rzr xp4 and then build it for 30,000 correct. Since i already have rzr xp2 built wouldnt it be cheaper to cut mine and extend...
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    1937 xp

    this going to be a tuff build i think we got most of everything now just got to get it done. If santa brings us supension.This will be a 3 way partneship craig from ATD supplies the car, jerome from ACS supplies parts, and rito from the stripping shop supplies the labor. Let the games begin
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    our xp cage and doors

    This is my cage for jerome its all chromolly tube,tig welded and removable rear cage/bumper. He really wanted a front bumper & doors. I wouldn't let him buy the pro armor doors because everyone has them. I wanted to do something different and be mechanic freindly. He doesnt leave anything stock.
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    footage of desert challeng

    this is some footage we got from our go pro of the 1937 teryx Bluewater Desert Challenge 2010 on Vimeo
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    race rzr for sale

    we are selling the race car for $15,000 obo.Comes with everything to go race and be very competitive.This car is always at the front. If interested call me 623-486-5925. To much to list. We are moving on up. The race car is fully prep except new rear axles comimng from gorilla. Will be ready for...
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    rage at the river

    who won the utv event, what happen to all the utv showing up. I hope the turn out is better in feb.
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    henderson bitd

    looks like were 4th off the line hopefully we can stay a head of lindberg1950. So we can wrap up 3rd in point. Its going to be a tight race for 1st in points between jagged and murray. I am pretty sure jagged has to finish race to win points no matter what murray does. Was kind of wondering were...
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    bitd/utvra board

    who should be on board, this is my suggestions. President cory desert toyz or casey from bitd. Vice president cory desert toyz or erik from flagstaff. treasure bill schueller from jaggedx this spot is in charge of money and contingency/sponsorship is dispursed correctly. Contingency dir joey d...
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    whiplash nov7

    I want to thank craig for taking the championship in his 1912 teryx in the baja pro class. He won every race he entered and at speedworld this weekend fought off the nessie car to hold first in his class. Those 2 cars made it a good race i think in time wise the nessie won. I want to say craig...
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    will lucas follow bitd

    I was wondering if lucas will change to a 1000cc too. After watching the lucas video of speedworld the pro utv looked under powered.Any thoughts on this since cory is tech guy in lucas maybe he will get them to make some changes.
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    bitd/utvra bet on rules

    So when do you think we will here or have a change in the rules on cc and weight? Before or after parker or before or after henderson or at last minute right before new season.
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    vegas 2 reno race stories

    well were do i start i would like to thank everyones wifes and girlfriends because it was stress full on both ends, irc didnt work for a will so everyone was wondering wat happen phones would work in and out. Lets start at the beginning we go to start the rzr to go to tech & the battery dies, i...
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    bitd blue water results

    well first i want to thank craig from ATD for letting us use his car. We were unable to get ours ready for this weekend. Our goal is to finish the season in the points race with 1937 jerome vinagro driver of record. Practice lap went good got the hole shot and lead tell the end.The only...

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