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  1. dezerteryx

    Utv rental

    Looking to rent a sxs for this weekend. Anyone know of a good rental company in the San Diego or temecula area? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. dezerteryx

    What ipad mount and app?

    Got a awesome deal on a ipad mini 2. decidied I want to use it as my gps in the rzr. What mounts are available? And what app to use.
  3. dezerteryx

    All UTV's kid helmets

    i have to boys 2 and 3 and trying to see what you guys are using for helmets. my 3 year old has a dirt bike helmet but think he might get to jerk around by the wieght. looking for something lighter. also if you have used bicycle style helmets have you been hassled?
  4. dezerteryx


    Well after three years of waiting finally got a new ride. Xp41k. It will stay stock till this summer than off to the guys at magnum to do a full build.
  5. dezerteryx

    All UTV's what to buy.

    i know this has been asked a hundred times and me a few times, but it is finally time to get a new car and need some help. so my top three are mav max turbo, xp1k 4, and teryx 4. all cars would get new cages harnesses, and the teryx would get a long travel kit. will mostly be used in the desert...
  6. dezerteryx

    All UTV's 4 seat sport utv pro's & con's

    like the title says looking for real reviews from owners. I'm finally about to pick up another SXS and need to know the real pro's and con's(issues). my go to being a former teryx owner is a LT teryx 4 but i really like the new sport models. xp1k 4 maverick max xrs dps wild cat X 4 limited...
  7. dezerteryx

    Yamaha Looking for a 4 seat rhino cage

    Like the tilte says looking for a rhino 4 seat cage for my friends rhino, seats as well. Post up what ya got thanks.
  8. dezerteryx

    All UTV's Wild Cat X?

    found this on the arctic cat forum. coming march 2013
  9. dezerteryx

    Arctic Cat 2013 wild cat clutch

    going to be picking up a new ride in the next couple months so just trying to figure out a couple things. dose anyone know if the clutch has been updated in the wild cat for 2013?
  10. dezerteryx

    New truck

    Finally saved up enough pennies and picked up the losi 5ive. Man this thing is huge.
  11. dezerteryx

    chevy prerunner build

    picked up a new project today, the wife wanted something with heat and a/c with enough room for the kids. after seeing some sweet rigs at the offroad expo a full size chevy prerunner was the vehicle of choice. got a 1989 extended cab chevy has a complete back half with three link completed...
  12. dezerteryx

    All UTV's What to get Now?

    alright just sold my teryx.:(:( what to get now?
  13. dezerteryx

    Ocotillo this Saturday

    Doing a day run to ocotillo this Saturday the 21st if anyone wants to join in. Will be off of Cahilla rd leaving around 930am most Likely doing a run to superstition and back. Sent from my iPhone 4s using Tapatalk
  14. dezerteryx

    Kawasaki dalton clutch tuning

    well i have been messing with this set up for a while ran the recommened set up from dalton three screws with alloy wieghts and amber primary spring but was way to agressive for bolt on mods so went back to the stock spring, but still not enough low end grab, went to just two screws and now i...
  15. dezerteryx

    paddles for 14" wheels

    looking to sell my 12" hipers and going to 14" sectors so i can run the big brake kit. im runnng the skat 26x12x12 7paddles but hey dont make a 14 tire.
  16. dezerteryx

    best rc big boy toy ever

    what is 6ft long and does 90mph!
  17. dezerteryx

    Kawasaki Muzzy rear head pipe redesign

    Thought I would start a thread on this. After this weekends damage destroying the rear head. If you have any ideas or pics of a fix please post them up. I'm planning on redirecting the route of the pipe and making a skip plate to help protect the pipe and chassis better...
  18. dezerteryx

    Kawasaki teryx steering rack help

    going to be buying a new steering rack this week but not sure if to go with the billet king or gear one. looking for some reviews of guys that have used them and if there are any issues thanks.
  19. dezerteryx

    Any rides this Saturday.

    Want to go out Saturday just seeing if any one else is and were and if I can join in otherwise I'm going solo.
  20. dezerteryx

    Were to get pit bulls in so cal?

    Going to be get some DWT diablos for the teryx and was wanting to upgrade the tires to some pits bulls but haven't been able to find a dealer around sd.
  21. dezerteryx

    All UTV's aluminum roof help

    im am going to take on making my own roof for my new cage but haven't done much aluminum work. what gauge should i use? and what is the best way to get a good straight cut? any info would be great thanks.
  22. dezerteryx

    who knew it would fit.

    here is my rex in the back of my gmc 1500
  23. dezerteryx

    Kawasaki what my wife calls a sickness

    what my wife calls it a sickness this is my 08 teryx i just got new a few weeks ago, justed installed two bros duel exhaust, weller racing jet kit, black rhino stage 2 cdi, vent racing open filter fit on its way, and magnum offroad front bumper.all i have to sayis wow, this thing lights up the...
  24. dezerteryx

    new guy in escondido

    hi new to this forum but not to the sport i have been on the teryx forum for a while and finally just got my own teryx now.

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