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    Evolution Powersports press release

    Evolution Powersports (EVP) the leader in the powersports industry for tuning, exhausts, intakes and turbo upgrades is proud to introduce an industry first V-MAP multi-map tuning for the Maverick X3. V-MAPtechnology allows customers to switch between pump gas and race gas tunes using the OEM Eco...
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    Tonopah 250 Race.

    Is there a thread on the Tonopah 250 and how the race went as I don't see any information anywhere. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Tim from Xtreme Tire has decided to look into making a 32 x12.5x 15 Carcass for Skat-Trak to make into Paddle tires and we have one set made going to the Show and were going to have them Mounted up and on a New X3 Maverick should be pretty Slick Stop by and check it out.
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    Maverick X3 Test Drive with Can Am.

    Well I could hardly sleep last night knowing I was going to meet up with Cam Am in a Secret Test area to test out the new Maverick X3. So I wake up to a rain storm at my house this morning and got out of bed at 5 am and got my stuff together and as I headed out of town I could see the clouds...
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    Heres a video of some sand tire testing at Glamis with 2 bone stock XP 1000 4 seaters and you can see clear as day that the Skats dominate the STU. The Roll out on the new Skats really work great.
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    Turbo Max Cage Build with lowered Rear seats.

    Hey Guys figured I should show what I have had going on with the Old Max XDS. I am kind of overwhelmed now as I have been gathering the largest performance parts pile to date. Im going to end up in Divorce court. LOL But I doubt it. So 2x Motorsports and Partners in crime FST (Torrey) have my...
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    Tim got a few sets of the Samples to play with and have Skat-Trak Buff down and put some paddles on. Tim did a little weight comparison on different brands to show how much of a weight savings there is and anyone with 2 brain cells in there head knows that less weight is better in the world of...
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    Picture of mold for a new Extreme Tire Carcass

    TIM sent me a picture of a new 30 x11 x 14 tire mold that just got finished and the first few tires for testing will be out in a few weeks . Should have 92" to 94" of Roll out so its going to be Tall and look awesome. Once there buffed and paddles glued on to verify sizes and weight of carcass...
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    Where is the Underground Turbo Can Am Review.

    Hey Joey where is your review and Break down from the Can Am Turbo Media event. I have seen a few other reviews popping up and I know you were out there so is Your Test review coming this week or after Camp RZR. Waiting Patiently. Sorta.:D I heard there was like 50 cars out there and all...
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    Glamis Paddle Tire Testing yesterday.

    So a bunch of our guys went down to glamis this weekend and tried out a few different Skat-Traks paddles and some STUs, All of the Cars were 2015 XP1K 4 seaters, they had 12 paddle staggered glider vs the 14 Paddle staggered and some STUs. The 14 Paddle tire car was a 1/2 car faster start...
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    New Extreme Sand Tires. must see at sand show

    Hey for all of you guys that want that big Sand Car look with huge Roll out and lots of Floatation here you go..:D Tim Kelly from Extreme Sand Tire made these up for this year and installed them on a 2015 XP100 4 seater for the Sand Sport Super Show. Stop by the BS Sand Seat Booth and you...
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    Evolution Cat Delete/ Double Barrel Exhaust, Reflash= 10HP Gain

    Ok so finally got the time together to go over and Race the STM Max that always beat my car. He has a Max with STM Rage 6 clutch and STM Gen 1 Secondary and the MRRPM Flash so he can Rev it to 8500, From a dead stop he jumps out a 1/2 car and moves to about 1 car length out and stays right there...
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    Get 6 to 10 More Hp in your Maverick Now.

    I figured I would let anyone interested that has Can Am mavericks or the Maverick Max's that Evolution Motorsports has a Flash for the computer now that they made on there Dyno using my friends Maverick Max and they have a few different Flash Files available now for different combinations. One...
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    Any Ideas on what Polaris is going to do to remedy the Belts blowing up like crazy on the XP1K 4 SEATERS AND THE 2 SEATERS TOO. we just got to XP1k4 models yesterday in our group and there really concerned about the belt issues they were having at Camp RZR and a lot of people we came across at...
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    Pic of New Dune tire combo XP1000

    Heres a Picture of a new (old) tire for small sand cars called the 1300 tire on a 15" wheel. the offset of the rim is a little far out and can be ordered in a 3.5 on the back side to bring it in closer. the Passenger side tire is the Newly Released 30" Skat-Trak . Kinda Crazy looking to me...
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    Hey Guys Skat-Trak has been working on this one for a while now and Came up with a new Tire that starts life out as a 4 ply tire. Here are the specs for the 30" tire Skat-Trak made for me The casing 30x14* they installed 9 Extreme paddles on it.* The tire weight was 17lbs The wheel weight is...
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    warlock's XP1000 Consumer Buyer Watchdog Thread

    Hey is anyone hearing a rattle noise from the driveline of there XP1000 my Boys is making a rattle noise at 20+ mph and it also has the fuel pump whine. Ive seen a bunch of posts on a lot of the RZR forums about it and Polaris is suggesting to try and phase the joints about 6 splines from...
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    No Paddles , No Helmets, No Problem, Good Video..

    Heres a good one old school shit. Shows that a large Buffed Skat Style Tire With a lot of Roll out Will go Good. Who needs a stinkin Helmet too it blocks you Vision. LOL.
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    Video of XP1000 vs XP900.. Drag Race

    Heres a Video Of Marlboromans New XP1000 vs his 2011 XP900 on the street. about a 150 yard run. About what I figured would happened. XP900 vs XP1000 DRAG RACE - YouTube
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    Xp1000 with paddles VS XP900 Knobbies.

    Heres a Video of a XP1000 with Fullerton Paddles on it and Im going to assume its driven by a Professional Driver. VS XP900 with Big Horn Knobbie Tires driven By Joe Dirt sand Duner. Not Sure But My Guess. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//"...
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    Who Remembers nite Racing at Comp Hill.

    I am sitting here thinking about the good old days of going to comp hill at Nite and racing the hill and hanging out till the wee hours of the Morning and I bet theres alot of People here that have been denied that Fun and Exciting Experience. that really sucks cause Glamis aint the Same since...
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    Makin Trax Afco Shox , Finding STEVE..

    Hey Does anyone here know how to get a hold of Steve From Makin Trax and AFCO Shox. He has all of my Shocks and Springs for a Revalve and Its been over 4 Months and he wont return TXT or Emails or answer his phone Period. His # is now Disconected and I would like some Help to get this Guy to...
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    Fast Glamis Nite Ride.

    This Is one of our Glamis Nite Rides and its Pedal to the Plastic with 8 Utvs and were Floored from the Canal camp by Gecko all the way to Oldsmobile, well almost to Olds Phil until the New XP 900 got hit in the rear tire on Big Dune Transition by Mayhem and Did a Sprint Car Style Flip about 4...
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    Fodrills Show N Go Oct 10

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    Newbie ?? HP Mule...

    Hi Im new to all of this utv stuff and was wondering if anyone could help me with a few questions I want to go to glamis and I have a kawasaki mule diesel what kind of performance up grades would help. It has a top speed of 24mph. I want to come out there and go duning with you guys. I wonder...

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