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    How stupid was this?

    ahaha way stupid. easy to forget simple stuff like that.
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    Official "Thread" for the DWT PURE "250" Presented by --

    doesn't seem like a big deal. They're not THAT expensive, and stayin on course in the middle of the night is probably worth the extra money.
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    Ruined a bighorn, now what to do?

    ah can't do anything about rocks in a river. unless you equip your UTV with SOnar.... hmmm
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    A letter from the Govt. about Johnson Valley....

    Ahaha id on't think you said anything wrong. EVeryone seems to think they're right/never listen to other ideas. shit happens!
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    Mini Me-Buckshot X2 bodied Buckshot Bullet

    part of me hates it, cuz it looks like it's trying to be a car but a bigger part of me thinks it looks amazing.
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    Common Ground by Jeff Knoll (PLEASE READ)

    oh man. let us know how it goes!
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    Ruined a bighorn, now what to do?

    man. how are you ruining these so fast?
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    A letter from the Govt. about Johnson Valley....

    I guess at least he replied...
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    WOW.. What was this guy thinking ?

    ahahaha he totally was. one of the good ol' boys that said - i hope the ride was worth the $
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    RZR XP 1000 Demo Ride CANCELED DUE TO FIRE!!!

    was that an act of an exwife bagman?
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    ZX14 Teryx.... where are they?

    can't hold your beer and my beer, and a camera at the same time!
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    Shock revalving for dummies....

    damn. super helpful info. thanks!
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    great vid! thanks for sharing
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    Flamed Out Dominator 800

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    This is how they roll!

    totally. i was super nervous watching that wondering if his hand was gonna get the pinch.
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    This is how they roll!

    nuts! loved the shot of the suspension. glad no one was hurt!

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