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    All UTV's First Purchase Coming Up - Some Questions

    I previously owned a Mule ProFXT and it did not handle a lot of weight very well and I had the HD Springs. Just read a post on here where guy was having ground clearance issues with his ProFXT when loaded.....He also had the HD Springs.
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    Kawasaki 2018 Mule Pro FX EPS LE

    I experienced the same issue. I put on a lift kit and it worked miracles until it twisted the frame member and whole back end went down on me. I will say that based on everything I researched I would not have experienced this if I had used a Hi-Lifter (there are others as well). The Hi-Lifter...
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    Most reliable UTV for first time buyer! NEED HELP!

    I almost took a pic this weekend of my sagging Mule PROFXT with 700# of feed in back....for all those who say it can carry a load. It also has the HD Springs. Had a lift on it until it failed...was lucky to get a replacement frame member from Kawasaki so it could be repaired. Ordered a CanAm...
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    Most reliable UTV for first time buyer! NEED HELP!

    My experience: Polaris quality was poor, problems with overheating and inability of dealer to fix problems after 3 trips to Dealer. Kawasaki Pro FXT can’t carry the advertised load without severe ground clearance issues (and that’s with the HD Springs) but otherwise very reliable. Don’t have...

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