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  1. BLR

    Ocotillo Wells...Closed??? Petition

    Please sign the petition...keep our desert open to OHV.. Drive it like you stole it ....gotta love life
  2. BLR

    Harry Ried/Nevada is at it again

    Just seen this posted, not sure of the details yet, if you from Nevada call you representatives now, before more public lands are taken away
  3. BLR

    Need some advice for areas to ride in CA.

    Hubby and I are leaving Oregon prolly Dec 21st. And we are looking for places/suggestions where we should ride... South of Sacramento we will prolly hit Glamis for a day or 2 just to mark it off our bucket list. Some thoughts are Johnson Valley Ocotillo Wells Buttercup Superstition mountain...
  4. BLR

    Sand Mountain Nevada Halloween Oct. 25-28 2012

    Sand Mountain Sand Mountain Halloween Oct.25-28 The Hooligans & Goblins event Bring sand and dirt tires Add your name to the list or PM me and I can add it 1-BLR & LBR 2-DanNorCal 3-Truckinrazor 4-utvjim 5-JohnnyCat8 (in charge of decorations) 6-BatRazor & BatWife 7-Alfa Baz & Patti 8-EPL &...
  5. BLR

    Presidents Weekend.Winchester Bay, OR.

    If anyone doesn't have anything else to do come and join a few of us up here in Oregon Feb. 16th -20th Winchester Bay Feb. 16-20 Dune Goon Ride! And Dune Clean up!! 1- BLR & LBR (HMB group C) 4nights 2- DanNorCal (HMB group D) 4nights 3- ba71camaro (HMB group D) 4-TruckinRazor (HMB group D 5- LJ...
  6. BLR

    FS video moab trail closings meeting

    I'm sure this has been posted but a FS worker posted this on another site, letting us duners know it's not just us having the same issues, it's all OHVer's which I already knew, but I thought I would pass it along for others to see... YouTube - ‪U.S. Forest Service Road Closure Meeting. 12...
  7. BLR

    Oregon Dunes Closures

    The Forest Servive has released the scoping and the maps for the 10C Travel Management Plan and its NOT GOOD We have lost all trails....103miles worth... and a few other areas are closed also Link USDA Forest Service - Siuslaw National Forest All Units NEPA Projects - 10C Designated Routes...
  8. BLR

    Shasta/Chappie ride June 10-12

    we had 13 RZR's & 1 Commander great ride & views YouTube - ‪ChappieShasta 2011‬‏
  9. BLR

    Air Commander

    We found a nice little jumping area at Winchester Bay..Great take off and Landing strip..
  10. BLR

    Winchester Bay Feb 18-20

    A few of us having fun YouTube - Winchester Bay 2011 Presidents Week-end Yes I know February is spelled wrong, but I wasn't going to take the time to republish it
  11. BLR

    4 SxS's Jumping at once...

    LBR's Rhintax, Dan's XP, Franks, RZR & Jason in the X...I had to be the one doing the video..:mad:... that 800 rhintax held it's own... YouTube - 4 SxS's Jumping at Winchester Bay
  12. BLR

    Happy Birthday..Crowdog

    Jon..Have a great Birthday....Barbara
  13. BLR

    WTF... were they thinking!!!

    WTF were these 2 thinking....nothing like giving the off-road community a black eye, and ammunition for the greenies /enviromentalist to use against us... For all of us that are out there fighting for our rights to ride, acts like this just PISS me off.....Barbara Self Made ATV Trails...
  14. BLR

    Hello from the Oregon Sand

    ...been watching/reading from behind the screen...:) just wanted to come out and say Hi..:D... just bought myself Commander 1000X....we only live 5mins. from the dunes so we are out riding as often as possible...:D...Barbara

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