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  1. Shock Therapy

    CanAm X3 Billet Rack Rack is Here!

    After much time and effort our billet race rack for the X3 is HERE! We have been perfecting this race rack for a year and a half on 20 race teams and hard driven play cars. There is a VERY long list if things built into this rack that make it amazing (all shown in the video below) but the thing...
  2. Shock Therapy

    X3 Toe Link Support (TLS) is here!

    Have you ever had the Toe Link (center radius rod) come loose on the hub? Did it just ruin the hub or did it sheer the bolt and ruin your trip? For most of us the answer is yes to this very common X3 issue. We now have a perfect solution to this problem that saves your hub and cures the problem...
  3. Shock Therapy

    New Spring Kit Price Drop!

    So, many of you may know that we lowered our spring kit pricing over 3 months ago but we didn't actually tell anyone. These lucky customers just wondered why their bill was a bit less than they expected. LOL But if you didn't buy a spring kit in the last 3 months then you may not know that. Why...
  4. Shock Therapy

    Christmas Sale 2018 on Now

    Here is a link to our Christmas Sale video. Merry Christmas!
  5. Shock Therapy

    XP Turbo maintenance video

    We get a lot of calls asking what people should do to maintain their shocks. But, we also get a ton of calls asking what people should do to maintain their car. So, with this in mind we put together a short video with on of our shop leads, Lauren showing you how easy it is to do some basic...
  6. Shock Therapy

    RZR RS1 Review video

    After extensive testing in all terrains, we have a full review of the RS1 and some new products for it as well. Dual rate spring kits, full shock mods, front limit strap kits and sway bar links are available now. Adjustable sway bars, billet rack and pinion and more products are coming soon...
  7. Shock Therapy

    Rear Adjustable Anti Sway Bar for the X3 is here

    After testing for nearly 7 months, our adjustable rear sway bar is here. One of the reasons for the length of development time for this bar is there isn't much room in the factory system for adjust ability and still have it cycle through the suspension stroke properly. With the tight constraints...
  8. Shock Therapy

    RZR RS1 Unboxing video

    We know that this car has been out for some time now and this video should have been done months ago. Truth is that we were getting two RS1's directly from Polaris race division back in February but the response to the car was so high that they could not get any cars for us since the dealers...
  9. Shock Therapy


    THE WAIT IS OVER! (VIDEO LINK BELOW) Stop the annoying clank sound from shock extension with our NEW POLARIS RZR SHOCK THERAPY LIMIT STRAPS. These adjustable patent pending Limit Straps are a industry first and over-engineered with quality in mind. The strap itself is quad layered. The bottom...
  10. Shock Therapy

    Limit Strap Kits Available for X3 RS Now

    Here is our install video for the X3 strap kit. Take a look if you want to see how easy this kit is to put on. Thank you!
  11. Shock Therapy

    Limit Strap Kits Available for X3 RS Now

    Finally a cure for the front end CLUNK in the X3! As most people know, at full extension the shocks can make a loud clunk that feels like a hammer against the chassis. If you run aftermarket, heavier wheels and tires this clunk gets much worse. Although the shocks have extension stops internally...
  12. Shock Therapy

    2018 Baja 500 winner Brandon Sims Interview

    Here is a cool video we did with Branden and Jacob. See how well they know each other!
  13. Shock Therapy

    2018 Baja 500 Podium Finish Jacob Carver Interview

    Our next interview on Shock Therapy Sessions is Jacob Carver. Pro Polaris driver who finished 3rd in this years Baja 500. Here all the details about his race and how he got started and plans to stay on top. Here is the cut version Here is the full version (highly recomended) Here is a fun...
  14. Shock Therapy

    Turbo S Review, Testing, Products

    Here is another video for you guys. This is an install and some testing from the guys over at SxS blog. Thank you
  15. Shock Therapy

    Turbo S Review, Testing, Products

    Here is our new video of the final testing and products to improve the Turbo S. Subscribe to our youtube channel for more interviews and review. Enjoy
  16. Shock Therapy

    Wildcat XX Review Video

    Well after the 500 we got some much needed sleep and put together our Wildcat review. We have big plans for this shop car and product development starts now. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more informative videos and interviews every week. Enjoy
  17. Shock Therapy

    2018 Baja 500 winner Brandon Sims Interview

    Hi everyone. We are proud to announce our new web series "Shock Therapy TV (Sessions)" on our Youtube channel, "Shock Therapyst". We are starting this series off with an intimate interview with pro Polaris UTV driver and 2018 Baja 500 winner, Branden Sims. We don't ask the typical questions...
  18. Shock Therapy

    Behind the Scenes with Joey D

    We just did our Dynamix internal shock mods and spring kit for Joey D's new UTV Underground Dynamix build. This car has a long travel kit which we have extensive notes for and still retains all of the Dynamix suspension functions even though it is twice as plush and can take a much bigger hit...
  19. Shock Therapy

    Turbo S Review, Testing, Products

    Hi guys. Recently we picked up a Turbo S and started doing what we do, testing and development of parts to improve the ride. Here are a few videos showing our process from assessment to abusive testing. More to come. First video, initial impressions Second video, new products Third video...
  20. Shock Therapy

    X3 Front Sway Bar Kit is Available Now

    After testing the stock X3 one of the handling characteristics we wanted to improve was the front sway bar. With the factory bar we found it very easy to enter into a corner at speed and dive the nose of the car down onto the front outside tire which picks up the inside rear tire and slows you...
  21. Shock Therapy

    Fastest X3 to date

    Here is a video we posted over the weekend of our shop car (pre-runner) stretching it's legs. Here is the list of items we have on the car that helped get it to 112 mph 1. Stock engine and trans with an EVO-4RWI flash installed by Geiser Performance. 2. 35" Tensor Tires 3. Method 401R race...
  22. Shock Therapy

    February Give Away!

    And the winner is? Thank you very much to all who participated. Another contest in March so be ready!
  23. Shock Therapy

    February Give Away!

    Everyone get involved in this if you can! You can get a free UTV complete set up from us if you win. Here is a video to explain how it works. Good Luck.
  24. Shock Therapy

    Christmas Sale All Month Long!

    Hi Guys, Sorry, but we were super busy during Black Friday and didn't have a sale. But don't worry, we are going to blow a single day sale out of the water. For the whole month of December we have 5% off of every web site purchase. But wait, there is more! We are also giving you FREE domestic...
  25. Shock Therapy

    Video: Shock Therapy Camp RZR Glamis 2017

    Here is a quick video from Camp RZR Glamis 2017. Enjoy!
  26. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy Charity Car Drop

    We didn't film all our drops. First drop was one turn in on both high and low speed comp. Second drop was 3.5 turns in on both. We left it there.
  27. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy Charity Car Drop

    nothing that I can link here easily. 12 ft was good after comp adjustment. 15 ft was way past where it was happy but we did it anyway.
  28. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy Charity Car Drop

    Hello everyone. Some of you may already have seen this on social media but if not here you go. We were fortunate enough to be involved in the charity event at the Roadhouse in Cave Creek AZ this past weekend. Many UTV industry companies and thousands of people were at the event. It was all in an...
  29. Shock Therapy

    Video: Shock Therapy SCORE Tijuana Desert Challenge

    We we had a horrible race this time. No other way to put it. But, the good news is we fixed the car from the race and tested Saturday just to confirm that our prep was good if our "special" circumstances were not a factor. The we ran 3 hours straight which was 140 trouble free miles as hard as...
  30. Shock Therapy

    New Bump Steer Delete (BSD) Tie rod kit for X3 is here!

    I agree with you that there are many things to take into consideration when designing or even just setting up front end suspension geometry. But over 4" of bump is beyond too much no matter what car your racing. I don't think Can Am allowed that to exist in centered steering position in order to...
  31. Shock Therapy

    New Bump Steer Delete (BSD) Tie rod kit for X3 is here!

    So we cycled a stock XP today. At full compression it was .500 inch toe out. At full droop it was .500 toe in. Total bump steer 1.00 inch. This was measured with a 24" alignment bar on each hub, front and rear measurements 12" off the hub centerline. Not horrible but not close to ideal either...
  32. Shock Therapy

    New Bump Steer Delete (BSD) Tie rod kit for X3 is here!

    All toe measurements were taken 12" in front and 12" to the rear of axle center line. We count total toe change from fully compressed to fully extended. The stock system is toed out fully compressed and toed in at full droop.
  33. Shock Therapy

    New Bump Steer Delete (BSD) Tie rod kit for X3 is here!

    Honestly the only XP's we have checked are race cars with long travels. We will be cycling a stock XP Monday and let you know.
  34. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy Give Away Contest!

    WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! Watch the video below to see the winner of our September 1st contest and some of the best entries that came really close. Thank you all for entering and giving it a shot. We will be having more give away contests consistently so make sure you enter every time. Have...
  35. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy Give Away Contest!

    Ok guys, today is the last day. Don't put it off any more. Get this done and get in the contest for free stuff! We pick a winner tomorrow.
  36. Shock Therapy

    New Bump Steer Delete (BSD) Tie rod kit for X3 is here!

    So after quite a few miles on our X3 RS shop cars we started digging deeper into the suspension geometry and steering feed back we experienced when running the cars hard. When testing Race cars we felt that the feed back in the wheel was excessive and that the power steering was to blame. The...
  37. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy Give Away Contest!

    Give away contest ends next week. Don't forget to be part of it! Bump
  38. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy Give Away Contest!

    We are giving away our stuff! Really. Don't wait, watch this video and follow the rules and you can win. Can't wait to read your Youtube comments on this one. Good luck!
  39. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy First Impressions Polaris XPT Dynamix

    Currently we are working on two things. One, the ability to tune the front shocks separately from the rear via a switch/knob on the dash. If you needed more rear stiffness because you loaded the cooler and tire on the car, you could stiffen just the rears. The Dynamix only allows you to...
  40. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy First Impressions Polaris XPT Dynamix

    Hey guys here is a little video we put together during some of the Dynamix testing to give you an idea of how cool the system is and our plans for improvements coming up. Currently we have spring kits dialed in. We also have shock internals set up and ready to go. We are working on electronic...
  41. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy 2017 Baja 500 video

    Here is a video of the Baja 500 pre running, contingency and the race. Our team worked hard and lead the first 100 miles or so but power steering issues pushed us back a bit and failure of a brand new trans put us out of the race. Oh well, that's racing. We will be back and ready to run for the...
  42. Shock Therapy

    Video: UTV Championships

    Here is another video we are quite a bit late on but better late than never right. We want to congratulate Mike Isom with Mobbin Racing on winning the unlimited class.
  43. Shock Therapy

    Video: Mint 400

    I know it has been a while but we actually did a video of the Mint 400 with a few of the teams we support. Been too busy lately to keep up on this stuff. Here you go, enjoy:
  44. Shock Therapy

    Shock Therapy Wins the SCORE San Felipe 250

    Sorry guys but we have been so busy the last two weeks with racing that we didn't have time to finish our video from San Felipe 250. We were super fortunate to win Pro UTV in the roughest race on any calendar and get our SCORE season off to a killer start. We want to thank all of the people and...
  45. Shock Therapy

    2016 Baja 1000 Shock Therapy Pre Run

    As some of you may know, we are at the races pretty much every weekend so last November we entered the Baja 1000 with a XP1000. The car is owned by a great friend of mine named Paul Champion and we decided to partner up with driving duties for the race. Now having been in over 15 Baja 1000's in...
  46. Shock Therapy

    New Polaris General Shock Packages

    A little update on the General shock testing. The stock system on the car is surprisingly nice. Great bottom out resistance and the rebound is nice and recovers from most situations. But, fast whoops and small chop and rocks are pretty abusive. The new 2.5 RC2's will fix all of these things...
  47. Shock Therapy

    New Polaris General Shock Packages

    Hello everyone! We are in the process of testing our new Polaris General shock packages. With our partners, Ridenow Powersports (who donated the General) and Fox Shocks (who donated a set of 2.5" RC2's) as well as John Crowly from and various other magazines, who is writing an...
  48. Shock Therapy

    The affects of Wheel offset and suspension performance

    I know that Method makes 5/1 and 5/2 in a 14 but not a 15. Walker makes a 5/1 and 5/2 in a 15. They might make it in a 14 as well. There are other wheels out there too but these are the only two we have experience with.
  49. Shock Therapy

    Congratulations on a Race Win

    LOL, he took all the smooth tracks!
  50. Shock Therapy

    Congratulations on a Race Win

    We would like to congratulate Paul Champion on his race win at the S.A.D.R. Point to Point 250 in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico last weekend! 250 miles of rough terrain, Cholla cactus fields and 2-3 foot sandy whoops that go to the horizon. Since we were tied up last weekend, Paul took our...

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