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    damn joey want to go bigger.. i like.. keep up the hard work man you have done a great job so far. so much information on this site. it has helped me out huge.. thanks again....
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    All UTV's Stolen Teryx

    i live in pasco as well i will keep an eye out also
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    All UTV's XMAS Suspension Special!

    Anyone looking for some suspension better jump on this deal.. i beat my rhino up pretty hard and the MAGNUM takes it very well... Thanks alot DAN...
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    Spody3 in whistler, BC

    i'll be back to help you this weekend moose
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    Sully its fuckin cold in canada homie

    Sully its fuckin cold in canada homie
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    moose its cold as shit up here canada FUCK

    moose its cold as shit up here canada FUCK
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    its all about that magnum suspension doin work
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    Spody3 in whistler, BC

    drinkin the nasty ales and the thick shizz.. thanks for worrying JD
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    Spody3 in whistler, BC

    up in whistler BC for the week.. up here checkin out the bars and the goods.. and some slopes.. not a big ski bum or boarder but up here doin work... thought everyone would like to know..
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    Nessy Inside And Out!

    dragonfire doin work... ddddaaammmmmnnnnn
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    Welcome DWT Racing!!!

    welcome DWT racing.. why to get another bad ass sponser Joey... thanks for passing it on...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    happy thanksgiving UG
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    Kawasaki moose927 teryx build

    its lookn good boys..stoped by and checked it out. hopefully a couple more weeks
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    Dragonfire Road to Baja

    sweet.. good luck dragonFire
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    Kawasaki moose927 teryx build

    Moose927 you missed out this weekend on the snow run.. EPIC.. well lets get that thing done.. a couple blue and silver cans is all we need.. O and also some magnum 6 inch...
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    Hello my name is Rory

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    looks like no one wants to party. whats the deal guys???
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    Ocotillo Saturday 11/7

    how was the ridin dan??
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    post your utv vids

    i know you got some other vids homie
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    Dragonfire In Dubai

    looks like a great place to be... lets see some more pics..
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    LSR and TMW at LOORS Race this weekend!

    sweet lookin car.. good luck
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    SideXSide Action 1000 Member Promo

    come on guys lets make this happen.. tell all your buddies to join the festivities......
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    Off Road Expo 09 Pics

    bad ass pics joey.. keep up the hard work
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    110' rzr jump by Tony Jenkins

    way to lay it down... great job quis quis.. good luck on the jump...
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    dual fans

    good idea there chezze... or sully427 or whatg ever u call urself... i will get it figured out soon. thanks for the info..... and do some thing with that red rider thing....
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    dual fans

    what temps are people running with the PWR rad??? anyone
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    dual fans

    i have no idea.. does the pwr rad keep the temps down????
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    dual fans

    i have the tcp shroud. i took it off because i thought it was running hot. but it still runs the same temp.. shitty gauge i think... thanks guys
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    dual fans

    sweet thanks alot. i have the stock fan running all the time. my buddies 686 runs at like 175 degrees and thats while running it hard in the dunes.. just thought that the stocker motor would run a little cooler.. thanks again guys
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    dual fans

    the only reason i am looking at this is my rhino is getting up there in the temps. i do not understand why. it is stock piston. but have cam, carb, intake and dual exaust. maybe my temp gauge is assed out or something. but i am running up to 200 degrees. but it is an auto meter gauge. i heard...
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    dual fans
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    dual fans

    has anyone tryed these fans and shround out yet?? hoping to here or see some cooler running temps.. ANYONE???ACTUAL PICTURE CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW This item DOES NOT include the radiator. This is a brand new dual SPAL replacement fan assembley with aluminum shroud for the...
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    The Sickest Rhino No One Knows About!

    pretty nasty
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    Brian Hart at black rhino

    thats whats up. all you guys are awsome... way to help everyone out
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    SSSS Pics and Vids

    looks like some sick rides..
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Damn Magnum.. looks great.. joey is the car going to be in a sxs mag or what
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    Yamaha COOLANT IN OIL rhino 686

    no not from yamaha..
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    Yamaha New & improved Hot 686 combo

    chris is great to work with. i have only spoke to him on the phone and explians everything perfect.. i will be contacting chris again tomarrow. thanks again chris
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    Yamaha COOLANT IN OIL rhino 686

    brand new cylinder too. like 15 miles on it.. not saying who i got it from but not happy.. thanks alot troy for the info on the water pump. i pulled it out and checked everything that you said. thanks man
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    Yamaha COOLANT IN OIL rhino 686

    found the problem today boys.... cracked cylinder..
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    Yamaha New & improved Hot 686 combo

    damn chris.. you want to tune my motor or what
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    hey chris, this is cody dean. i put that new water pump on and gave it a test run today. i...

    hey chris, this is cody dean. i put that new water pump on and gave it a test run today. i filled the coolant up and did all the bleeding process. i drove the rhino around for about 20 minutes then parked it. about 2 hours later i checked the oil and it was merky again. so i checked the...
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    Yamaha COOLANT IN OIL rhino 686

    i have replaced the water pump assembly because of a broken seal. i ordered the whole kit and replaced it. today i took it out for a test run and i am still getting coolant into the oil. it is sucking in through some where because the coolant level is obvisly going down inside the raditor. is...
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    Welcome to DragonFire Racing!

    sweeett deal. im from tri-cities.. Pasco. crazy small world
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    Welcome to DragonFire Racing!

    a big welcome from washington state. hope to see you in the baja 1000
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    alot of time spent on that car. looks great joey.. keep up the work.. sick
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    DP 7 Pics *Carlsbad Premier Party*

    some sick rides right there

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