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    How NOT to Drive A UTV in a public setting! WATCH THIS VIDEO

    I did not come in here calling anyone names.......look again. Frank is no stranger to supporting the sport we all love so much........we all do what we can to preserve it and do what we can to better it. The video taken on the road was done with another driver not Frank. he was the poster...
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    All UTV's MCX Apex Footage !!!!!!!!!

    Banshee hill Oregon YouTube - MCX-USA Turbo Apex Polaris RZR Cruisin around the house YouTube - MCX-USA Turbo Apex RZR
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    NEW 2011 Polaris UTV Lineup!!!! UTVUnderground EXCLUSIVE

    I think there was allot of guys with unreasonable expectations about what was posted.......... he dose a great job for the UTV community and gains nothing, the best sources in the world are not always right. People need to stop complaining and move on.
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    NEW 2011 Polaris UTV Lineup!!!! UTVUnderground EXCLUSIVE

    Disappointment…. What are we a bunch of children who just found out there is no Easter Bunny? Is this some kind of joke…..LoL anyone with the recourses to buy a toy like the RZR and log onto the internet should be able to manage their emotions enough to remember it’s not over until the...
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    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd to the 10th

    Thanks Schannon, were on our way to St Anthony's, stopped in Montana for the night. You should of joined the ride its going to be off the Hook!
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    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd to the 10th
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    Glamis Night Run Pics

    Cool pics Joey........I wish I could of joined in, looks like you had a great time
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    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd to the 10th

    I'm loaded and ready to pull out tomorrow :)
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    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd to the 10th

    I hear there are still some camp sites available at Sand Hills Resort.........I think we currently have 17 signed up and confirmed for the trip. The more the better........all are welcome to join even if your not in a UTV. My son will be on his quad. PM me if you need and info or help with...
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    RSR-S help needed

    Yeah, you cooked the belt. Be sure to clean both clutches real good while your in there swapping out the belt
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    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd to the 10th

    Oh yeah will do! there will be a report after the trip and some pics also.
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    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd to the 10th

    Your welcome to join us bro!
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    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd to the 10th

    OK guys were getting really close to go time on this trip. If you haven't been to ST. Anthony's before this would be a good opportunity to check it out and make some new friends at the same time. Choke Cherry is going to be my bitch! (I hope) lol Lets go rip it up!!
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    post your utv vids

    My POS in action..........LoL YouTube - MCX-USA Turbo RZR
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    post your utv vids

    YouTube - Moab Cliffhanger Rally on the rocks
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    It was good to meet you Joey, maybe you can come ride winchester bay with us in Aug.
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    My RZR

    Awesome Tires :)
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    UTVUnderground Uodates * Rally On The Rocks Moab, UT *

    We did Cliffhanger photographer (Brenda) was sick today so I didn't get allot of pics..... Here is a crapy phone pic.........there is no photo in the world that can do this trail justice........ Thank you Pitbull tires for lunch :D
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    post your utv vids

    It's not a big area like Glamis but it has its fun hills and some of the best scenery you could ask for, Dunefest is a blast.........:D The Rhinos have a tough time with Banshee hill but there are allot of good runs to check out besides banshee, lots rhino guys like it :)
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    post your utv vids

    Take a turbo RZR up Banshee hill Winchester Bay Oregon :D YouTube - MCX-USA Cliff up Banshee Hill Winchester Bay Dunes
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    I thought it would be fun to ride over that pile of sea weed until I got stuck in it, what a nasty stinky mess........LOL
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    GIFF-TURBO RZR is in da house :)

    Hey steve whats up bro!
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    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd to the 10th

    some pics from last year
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    Yamaha Turned over to the dark side.

    Thats a sweet lookin ride! :D
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    we came accross this guy in moab.........
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    koa rzr meet 3-5-10

    nice the only thing wrong is I couldn't make it........:D
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    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd to the 10th

    St Anthony's Idaho July 3rd. to the 10th. Get your space reserved early, Sand Hills Resort Maps at Sand Hills Resort St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Idaho We did this trip last year and it was a great time, we have about 15 guys and gals going this year.........It is open to all feel free to join us...
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    You got yourself one of the right hand drive euro RZR...........LOL nice vid bro! :)
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    Cool pics!
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    GIFF-TURBO RZR is in da house :)

    poor the dude will never out last his rep. were going to hit the road to Vegas next weekend if my coach will cooperate..........I have a date with the Wynn casino and there 5 star C-ya bro!
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    I got word it's not the can-am..........we gotta keep waiting.
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    GIFF-TURBO RZR is in da house :)

    Thanks guys! :D
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    Hi Guys

    Yo bro welcome!!
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    GIFF-TURBO RZR is in da house :)

    Naaaaaa just want to fave some fun, you know me im to blind to go fast.........LoL

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