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  1. Dustin

    How to swap a Polaris RZR axle with Mike Cafro

    Owning these amazing machines the normal routine maintenance is to be expected like any vehicle. Yet, now and then you might encounter something a bit more than routine. Sometimes unforeseen fixes are required. Multi Baja winning quad rider, and factory Polaris RZR driver Mike Cafro explains...
  2. Dustin

    XP1K: The Story Of Viral Off-Road Video Series That Sold Billions Of Dollars Of UTV’s!

    Seven years ago The Martelli Brothers ( Matt and Josh Martelli) unleashed the XP1K videos series on the world effectively introducing the sport UTV to the world. Their goal was to show the world how capable these machines had become, and well tens of millions of views later, not only was that...
  3. Dustin

    2020 Polaris General 4 Seat Shakedown

    See our Shakedown of the 2020 Polaris General platform which was was first launched in 2016 and was a very smart combination of some of the award-winning technologies from both the Ranger and RZR side of the Polaris lineup. They were marketed as both a sport and utility UTV that was just at home...
  4. Dustin

    UTV Worlds Moves to Lake Havasu, AZ!

    Curious on everyone thoughts with the UTV World Championships, moving from Laughlin to Lake Havasu. Personally I think this will be huge, for the sport, the town, etc. It's. win win I believe. THOUGHTS?
  5. Dustin

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