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    That's happened to us before. We lock ours every time
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    13th annual Sand Sprots Super Show

    We are there. Booth 141 across from Rigid Industries
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    All UTV's PRP Harnesses ON SALE!

    3"- $245 shipped per pair 2"- $235 shipped per pair 5 point, padded, black hardware and awesome quick adjusters!!
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    New Rigid flush mount lights

    We got our set last week to try out on the back of our F150. Should be sweet!
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    FREE Proline Stickers!

    Weeeeeee send me some stickers!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    All UTV's Light Bars???

    Give me a call, we have many options that might work for you!
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    I need HIDs for a 2010 Teryx

    We well Rigid Industries kits
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    Pismo Beach this year ??????

    I'm in... we should have the SV1 done by April, then I'm game
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    We sell the Rigid Industries kits, you can find them here - HID Lighting & Conversion Kits - Lifetime Warranty Thanks
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    Who makes the best RV Flagpole?

    We sell these, I personally have one and I love it Safeglo Whips 22' Telescoping RV Flagpole/Camp Locator The LED Stick is separate
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    All UTV's Whens Yamaha gonna step up?

    Yeah... I was just talking to my lady about this and how bad it sucks that Yamaha got the short end of the stick and got stuck with all the lawsuits while all other companies like Polaris and Kawasaki etc.. walk off with their hands in their pockets with all the $$.. sucks because I love my...
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    Killer Deal on HIDX Off Road Lights

    Unfortunately can't do that.. But I CAN guarantee you that you will not find a better deal on these lights.
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    Killer Deal on HIDX Off Road Lights

    New shipment in!!! Get these by christmas!!
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    Yamaha Sick Custom Rhino!

    Wasn't that the one on sale on RDZ?
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    All UTV's Night crawling /light set up ?

    Are those the VisionX setup? If so we have those and love them!!
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    Alternative Offroad Black Friday/Cyber Monday 4 day sale!!!

    We will be giving an extra 10% off everything!!! THIS IS ON TOP OF SALE PRICES! The promotion starts midnight on Thanksgiving and will be extended until "Cyber Monday" so you have plenty of time to figure out what you want :ride::woot: Please keep in mind, however, that most of our...
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Thanks man! Yeah seriously tell me about it.. PTI is real easy. No worries at all ITS DONE PEOPLE. We took it out last weekend and seriously had a blast
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Been a while since I last updated! We have gotten a LOT done since then. Added another set of windows, installed the wallpaper, painted the ceiling and bathroom areas, put up crown molding and base molding, and many many other things. Here are some pictures. All the furniture is being moved...
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    Yamaha Twisted stitch seats

    The TS-1 Seat is one of the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in. I can't speak on a personal level because I don't run one in my car but the one time I've sat in it, it's a beauty
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    VisionX Lighting Deals

    Hey guys, PM us or check out our site for the best deals on anything VisionX, this includes the Xmitter, Xmitter Xtreme, Low Profile, Evo Prime, and more!
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    All UTV's Communication for RZR

    Rugged or PCI. There are some others but those are the top players. PM us and we can get you pricing
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Got the floor installed and both cushions in! The bed needed some shock changes but it looks like everything is working perfect now. Bathroom wall is going to get insulated and the paneling put back on this week, as well as 2 new windows are going by the bunk in the rear. Almost there!
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Got the upholstery done and also got the cabinets/beds stained, everything in my opinion looks GREAT!! Couch: Bed:
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    New Pricing on Baja Designs Stealth LED Bars

    I just might do that, I just emailed Danny for a new pricelist can you email one to me?
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    New Pricing on Baja Designs Stealth LED Bars

    Hell yeah this is awesome
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    The toy hauler as it stands as of last week! We've been trying to fine tune the bed setup. Had to switch out the rear shocks for a lower pressure rating to help the rollers go down smoother, tomorrow my cabinets and beds are being stained.. Foam comes in for upholstery tomorrow and...
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    Rugged Radios NEW Website Offering a Store Wide Sale in Celebration

    You got it man, I completely understand. Look forward to future transactions with you
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    ITP Tires now up

    Check them out as well as other awesome deals Alternative Offroad - UTV & Buggy Lighting and Accessories
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    Support those who support you!!!!

    Thank you for your support Barbara!
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    New from so cal

    Welcome man, I go to Santa Fe Springs a lot, very impressive industrial area I have to say haha!
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    It is! I just can't wait to take it out
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    Auction Hunters' "Ton Jones" Truck Build

    I know! The cage came out so nice. Thanks man!
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    Auction Hunters' "Ton Jones" Truck Build

    Recently, I was approached by Ton Jones who is the host on the hit series on Spike TV "Auction Hunters". He wanted some LED Lights and I told him all about Rigid and Baja Designs, we both decided Rigid was for him.. I planned out the light positioning on his truck, he had another shop build him...
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Next up is the rear drop down bed, we already have the track and rollers for it we just need to build the bed frame and I am having a steel frame made for it as well. This weekend we'll be Formica-ing the tables, installing the existing vent above the kitchen area, and running wires for the...
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    Rigid Industries new "SR" Single Row LED's available now @ Alternative Offroad

    They're awesome! Very similar in size to the Baja Designs "Stealth" Bars
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Here's some updated photos of the hauler.. Before: after (12v fan): Installed toilet and some flooring: Installed some Kicker 6 1/2" Speakers: Coated the roof with elastomeric coating WHICH WAS WORTH IT'S WEIGHT IN GOLD BY THE WAY Installed A/C and HDTV antenna: Built our...
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Yikes!! I would never take it that fast in the sand. Its been to 90 but that was on a flat, maintained dirt road. I built it safe, like you said it's got a cage, 5 point harnesses, arm restraints, and a fire extinguisher within arms reach because i've seen wayy too many accidents in UTV's for...
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    hahahaha, I know dude. But where's the fun if it's not sketchy right? No its actually really safe and stable. It's gotten up to 90 without any problems, and who can say they have a golf cart that goes 90? :p:p:p
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Thanks man, I have this bad boy going in here It's a golf cart that I built up with a GSXR 600 motor in it :)
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    Rigid Industries new "SR" Single Row LED's available now @ Alternative Offroad

    PM us for pricing and availability. Not everything is available at this moment but will be very shortly! You may pre-order large sizes if needed! Also, the 30" E-Series is still available at awesome forum pricing. This is for ONE light only, no other lights will be sold at this price. Once...
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Thank you very much! I'll have to post some updated pictures of it all, looks quite different now. As for the generator, I just went with a Champion 3000 watt remote start generator for just under $500. It works great and it comes with a key fob so I can start it from inside the toyhauler. I'll...
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    All UTV's UTV Underground Forum Discount!!

    ONE Rigid Industries 30" Light at blowout pricing, PM Me for pricing!
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Ahh, thats a good question, I am guessing that I've spent probably around $7000 including trailer, generator, everything.. so far. I'll probably be at around $8000 with awning and wallpaper when I'm done
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    Enclosed Trailer Buildup

    Been a long time! We've gotten so much done recently, installed porch lighting, ramp lighting, new interior lights, completely finished the electrical and plumbing and started to install the floor in the bathroom. Got the Seelevel II tank monitor system installed and tested. Also got Formica for...

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