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    Yamaha Offroadswapmeet build

    Car looks good Daniel! Now you just need to get that paint job/graphics done!
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    R.I.P Joshua Wright

    Met this guy at the 1st UTV UG Ocotillo Trip last year. Was a good guy!
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Rusty "Jack of all Trades" Baptist!
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    JoeyD23 vs BlueQ

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    Sick pics guys!
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    All UTV's Pit Bull Growler XOR Long Term Review

    Daniel you need to Paint your panels black. It will give the Rhino an updated look to go along with the new wheels and tires!
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    UTVunderground, New Truck Wrap

    Looks good Joey! UTVUnderground is OFFICIAL!
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    Stoddard Wells 01/17

    Some of your pictures didn't come up Dan. Looks like some good riding there!
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Rusty, and to everyone on the the Underground!
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    All UTV's Pit Bull Growler XOR Long Term Review

    If you're on the fence on these Pit Bull tires, don't be! These tires really BITE down on any kind of terrain, and from pics and footage provided from Off Road Swap Meet as well as others you can see that these tires are LEGIT! I've been lucky enough to ride in the Off Road Swap Meet Rhino...
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    Were those pics from when Nitro Circus was out there?
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    Pala Holiday GP Video

    Sweet video!
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    2009 Pala Raceway / GP

    Aside from the mud it was a fun day of racing. Good to see familiar faces again. BIG UP's to BIG MOE on the win!
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Anytime Joey! What up Dan! Too much evidence and too many witnesses around to conceal this little mishap. Infamous Day of the Cliff Hanger!:cool:
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Haha, it seemed like a must pic for this thread.
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Rasta: JoeyD:
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    New to UTV Underground

    Welcome to the underground!
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    Thanksgiving 09 OW

    OW was fun! Good meeting other members. Dan (Wino Rhino) thanks for letting me ride! V.I.P CLUB BOUNDER
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    All UTV's Pit Bull Growler XOR Long Term Review

    Pitbulls! Tires look great! Daniel, some black wheels would set those tires of nicely!
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    Ocotillo Saturday 11/7

    Thanks Dan! I think we all like a GOOD Taco ;) Is it the same 1st Gen Taco on the Camburg site? Suck you had to get rid of both the Taco and the Tundra. Bet they were BEASTS! I'd like to LT my Tacoma, but it's my DD and funds aren't there. Hopefully some day. This is me:
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    Ocotillo Saturday 11/7

    Yea I was out there with 13 other Tacomas and one FJ. One Taco was LT'd, but blew a rear shock within the first 10 mins. Sucked. Joey so would I, so would I! Mine is a PreRunner, but not a PRERUNNER! Hope it's cool to post this pic, if not i can remove it.
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    Ocotillo Saturday 11/7

    For sure. It's only a few pics, but i will post them up after work. *Edit Actually grabbed these from my gallery on a Tacoma forum I'm on.
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    Ocotillo Saturday 11/7

    If you saw some Tacomas chillin at Shell Reef off to the left that was me and some buddies. I got a few pics of the black and grey rzr tearing up shell.
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    Thanksgiving 09 OW

    Off Road Swap Meet!
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    Official Glamis Halloween 2009 Pic Thread

    RAD pics! Joey, car looks sweet out there! Suck your motor blew, but AWESOME you were able to get it fixed and upgraded!
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    Yamaha Our new Ride....

    Nice pick up Paul! Definitely start putting your touch on it!
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    Welcome ZTFab AKA Zero Tolerance Fabrication

    Paul and ZTFab = THE SHIZZNIT
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    SDORC Fun Run, Nov 7, Ocotillo Wells

    This is the same day that I organized a big TacomaWorld meet/run on another forum that I'm on. Over 50 people signed up to go. That same SDROC run was mentioned above was brought up also. More info can be found here: *Updated Info*November 7th Ocotillo Wells Run - Tacoma World Forums
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    newbe here

    Welcome to the site!
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    Off Road Expo 09 Pics

    Just wanna say congrats to Joey and UTVUnderground on a successful expo!
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    SoCal New Guy

    Thanks! Eventually I will. Till then I can always ride in my friend's sxs! I see a shotgun ride in Joey's in the very near future! Hopefully he doesn't get it stuck on a ridge like in Ocotillo back in April.
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    SoCal New Guy

    Thanks for the welcome kingck5!
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    SoCal New Guy

    Off Road Swap Meet! What up Daniel, catch any lobster!
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    SoCal New Guy

    Thanks Joey!
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    SoCal New Guy

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    SoCal New Guy

    Sup everyone! Names Daniel. Don't own a sxs, but I got FRIENDS who do. Props to utvunderground! :cool:

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