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    :cool: yo! whut up?!

    :cool: yo! whut up?!
  2. K

    stop'n by the underground to say hi! =)

    stop'n by the underground to say hi! =)
  3. K

    is it just me or ???

    im going with black. the doors, roof, and cage will be semi-gloss black; the plastics are going to be textured to give it more of a rougher look, it actually looks like a really dark grey or faded black with slight texture. as for color, for some contrast, im going get beadlocks with pink...
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    is it just me or ???

    omg. i love the bigger font! can we create our OWN rule section? mine would say, when replying to kelli in a post, must use font size 4 or larger or she will not be able to read it! LOL ...i hate getting older! :mad:
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    is it just me or ???

    my birthday present last year..still on the showroom floor :) my rhinos first trip to glamis.. fresh blown years this year.. these are ovbiously the OLD pics of my rhino...NEW ones to come soon! :D
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    is it just me or ???

    i did a 2 seater cage with rear bumper, full doors, roof, and bed delete with panels. i didnt have a light bar built in because i want to buy one of those led light strips instead. as soon as i get it back, im going to paint the plastics too, so it will be a completely new rhino for me! im so...
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    is it just me or ???

    i dropped it off with thad last week, it should be finished soon. i am SO excited i cant wait!!! i will definitely post pics as soon as i get it back...Woo Hoo! :D
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    is it just me or ???

    LOL. im not complaining at all. like i said, i think it looks great! i was just curious, and i guess you guys have answered my question...its just ME! haha. :o
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    is it just me or ???

    hey finding this site harder to read with everthing being so dark, especially with the dark grey font on black. i think it looks super cool and i love the color scheme, but for me anyway, its just not as easy to read. it seems the font is super small also. like i said, this may...
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    Chandler here

    hiii!!! :)
  11. K


    hiii!!! :)
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    Kracka in da house

    hiii!!! :)
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    Watch-ya do-en?

    cool pic! :)
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    hiii!!! :)
  15. K

    Gregc is here!!

    Hiiii!!! :)
  16. K

    keLLi's here!!! =)

    haha. hell yeah!! ;)
  17. K

    ha. I started it.

    and that light bar is Siick. im jeallous! :p
  18. K

    ha. I started it.

    ha. that's funny. im still laughing about skyjammer from RT calling the sh!tter a "poopy tank" ...i dont know why but it seriously makes me laugh out loud. hahahaaaaa....
  19. K

    keLLi's here!!! =)

    you guys didn't think you could actually ditch me that easy didchya? heheheeee :D

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