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    turbo rzr big huck
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    rzr xp4 farm rip - YouTube little rip around the farm testing Gopro position and clutching, she needs a little more weight was getting 8500 rpm on gravel straight
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    Polaris ump for rzr xp

    anyone have any extra info or dyno results of using this intake system, I farm and this it the same type of intake/filter setup our tractors have and it works great in VERY dusty conditions, was wondering if there was a loss or gain of power and how had to service
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    Polaris W/E needle conversion on xp

    whats up with this conversion, I heard you can send your stock xp shocks to walker and they do a needle conversion and new springs and its a whole new ride for a fraction of the price of all new shocks , anyone do this around here, let us know how it performs
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    XP 1000 4 SEATER???

    just wondering when were gonna see a 1000 4 seat xp do we have to wait till next year? maybe tmw will build one like they did when the xp 900 came out
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    wtb factory eps for xp

    I have a base model rzr xp4 and I need power steering, I also need a good deal please help
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    ordered 4 proarmor 4 point belts on 7/10/13 through sxs performance a week went by and I hadn't seen them so I called the guys at sxs they dug into it and found that the black ones were back ordered so they could send me reds I agreed so proarmor was supposed to ship immediately, well they...
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    Polaris rzr xp4 on a budget

    finally found a xp4 that was in my price range and in my area. picked this one up for 15,500 with 40 hours 600 miles has slp can, windshield, rear mirror, and soft top. I ordered utvinc doors and utvgiant weld yourself cage so I will be posting pics of the minor build as I go. keeping it...
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    Kawasaki moose927 teryx build

    a few pics of moose927's teryx droped seat and weld on cage
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    going on a two day bender to vegas 22-24 nov. alligent air has buy one get one free with hotel res me and my cousin are going for $330.00 total anyone want to meet up and party underground style?
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    Yamaha new light bar

    me and a couple buddies built,mounted and wired this up friday.7'' shucks hids pretty bright. still needs a clean up and some paint can't wait to get it in the dunes at night
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    63 mph slash

    I gps'ed my slash tonight got 63 mph then it looped and slid on its top for a long ways. its brussless and runs on 11.1v lipo. had it straped to the front bulk head area here is a few pics gps is hard to read says 63.1 sikkkkk!!!!!!!
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    winchester bay 7-17--7-19

    awh shit
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    baja 1000

    how far down is the baja race going this year? to loreto or not?
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    Yamaha sully427 engine build

    Well got most of the parts to put this thing back together. Earlier this year i cracked my cases out at the dunes. I called Jason at Weller and started a parts list, Jason supplied me with a set of used cases that he gusseted just like his race motors and also did the oil mod as well. other...
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    post your utv vids

    here are a couple of my vids lets see yours
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    spody3 rolls at dunes

    spody3 rolled his rhino while coming back to camp after taking a duse out in the weeds he caught a bad line and hit a jeep hole on the down hill side. Then there he went 1 1/2 times cage held up no tweeks or nothing well anyways I winched her back over and continued to ride and party. here are...
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    wwwaaaaazzz uupppp!!!!!!!

    whats up guys my name is clintourus and I come from washington I like the new site

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