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    Can-Am Holz Commander Pics

    Just saw one at Bert's Mega Mall today...They don't have any to sell yet though
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    BITD Bluewater GP Parker AZ

    Sounds like you guys had a blast! Wish I could've been there. Keep it up!
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    Check out Rhino Parts and Performance, ORW, Bakersfield Rhino, Hart's Rhino, Custom Creations, or Magnum offroad. They should all have some benches in stock
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    All UTV's Seat Question

    Our UTV seats don't typically come with crotch slots since they are 3" shorter in the seating area compared to our other seats. They can be ordered that way no problem, but most people run their crotch belt on the outside of the seat, for comfort purposes.
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    PRP Seats

    Here's a sample of the PRP Preemie Booster from the DuneGuide website...
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    Welcome to Rhino Parts and Performance

    Tom, Good to see you on the site!!!
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    Welcome to PRP Premier Racing Products

    JT, working on em right now...I'll get you some pics when they're close to done...Give me a month or two.
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    seat bases

    For the Rhino and Teryx, PRP seats are tapped and threaded so you can just unbolt your old seats, and swap em out with ours in about 5 minutes apiece...No new hardware needed. If you have a RZR, you get rid of your stock seat and base altogether. All you do is attah the latch from the stock...
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    Welcome to PRP Premier Racing Products

    Thanks everybody! Great to be here! I appreciate the support. Hopefully we see everybody next weekend in Costa Mesa! -Mitch
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    Jessi Kohrell TT250 Race Recap

    Congrats again. Thanks for the new Pic the other day. I've got it hanging in the PRP office.
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    I'm finally posting

    Good to see everyone here already. Nice site Joey. Can't wait to see your vehicle pics!
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    Jessi Kohrell TT250 Race Recap

    Jessi, Congrats on the awesome finish! Keep up the good work!

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