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    For Sale 2013 RZR XP900 EPS

    Just finished up this rebuild. It’s prepped for D38 racing, but would be a good play car too. New motor from Rev6 Motorsports, less than 20 hours, barely broken in Fresh rebuilt clutches using SLP parts, set up for 29” tires New Hunterworks belt, plus spare 14” XP1000 wheels and tires, plus...
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    XP900 Exhaust

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    XP900 Exhaust

    I have an SLP Slip on exhaust on my 2013 XP900 that I would like to sell. I't in excellent condition and it will come with everything, springs, brackets hardware, etc. It's on my car now, but will be removing it soon. $200. I'm in San Diego. It's this one right here...
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    Polaris Why Did Polaris change it's 900 motor???

    It's not uncommon for smaller performance engines to burn oil. I have a 2013 XP900 with a brand new engine from Rev6 and it burned a quart of oil in the first 20 hours. Not a problem, just keep it topped off and change it regularly.
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    XP900 Build

    So I got acquired a 2013 RZR XP900 with a blown motor. New to RZR's, but fairly mechanically inclined, so I tore into it. Bought a rebuilt engine from Rev6 motorsports and dropped it in Added 29" tires on 14" wheels and a set of XP1000 seats on Longhorn Fab seat brackets Then I decided I...
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    New to me RZR

    Thanks. I know about the PURE series. I'm friends with Chris Blais, he won the championship last year.
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    New to me RZR

    San Diego, CA
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    New to me RZR

    I've been riding and racing motocross for over 25 years, but I just acquired a 2013 RZR XP900, so I thought I would have some fun with it. Was going to set it up for some trail exploring, but I decided that I would also do some desert racing. I'm in the process of getting it race legal now...

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