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    2017 BITD Parker 250 Photos / Story / Video

    Great coverage Joey! Keep it up man. Good pictures
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    Robby Gordon's Arctic Cat Wildcat

    Those look like non bead lock wheels. Probably trying to save weight. Looks cool with the body on it! Way to go kid.
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    Tires that work good in the sand and dirt??

    That's a great idea! CSG
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    Tires that work good in the sand and dirt??

    The stock big horns do pretty good out there now. I know you will want to keep the tire wheel combo as light as possible to for rotational mass. My dad put itp ultracross on his maverick turbo and says they don't work as well as the big horns.
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    Tires that work good in the sand and dirt??

    Hey just wanted to see what tires people thought worked good in the sand and dirt? I ride the dunes maybe 3 times a year and go to the dirt more often since its closer to me. Thinking about itp ultracross, tensor regulators, efx motohammers, GBC mongrels? The list goes on and on. Feel free to...
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    New GMZ Ivan Stewart tire coming soon.

    Yes good point OMF are expensive. I can buy TT wheels for that cost! These tires look very nice, and I would like to see them on a 14 inch wheel too.
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    Has anyone messed with anti-dive on XP1K?

    Having the car gain caster will improve the straight line stability of the car during that situation.
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    New GMZ Ivan Stewart tire coming soon.

    Why make tires for big rims like that? The wheels are gonna be heavy. I don't think the cars need that big of a wheel to fit there brakes. It's not a 4,000lb truck.
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    Justin Lambert Takes 1st Overall at 2016 BITD Parker 250

    Great job! Keep up all the hard work it pays off!
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    The 30" vs. 32"- Thoughts on Both

    The method 15 inchers probably weigh that cause they are using the truck wheel molds and modified it for the utvs! The utvs do not weigh that much so it needs to be a wheel specifically designed for them if you know what I mean.
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    The affects of Wheel offset and suspension performance

    Alright thanks guys I will look into it more. Seems like most wheel manufactures do not make a 5+2 offset in a 15 or 14" wheel for the rzrs. I do not like walker evans wheels.
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    The affects of Wheel offset and suspension performance

    So what wheels are available for the rzr 1000 in 14 and 15"wheels that have a 5+2 offset?
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    The 30" vs. 32"- Thoughts on Both

    I would like to go to 32" tires on my XP4Turbo but want to find the lightest/best desert tire. It looks to be either the Mongrels or ITP ultracross. Whats the tire/rim sizes for 32" tires? Also Ratoutahell why did you go to that offset of tire and not stick with like 5+2?
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    Race To Rugged **EXTREME SALES**

    Thanks for the deal. Got hooked up with 4 person intercom and car to car!
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    Thanks Zane

    Thanks Zane
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    NEW XP1000 Bolt On Bed Delete Kit w/Trunk Lid by IMG Motorsports

    Very clean I will give you guys a call. keep up the great work!
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    New UTV

    I just recently purchase the rzr turbo 4 and took it to glamis for break in and had no problems with it. Very happy with the suspension! I think a lot of problems come from unexperienced drivers or people thinking they are a $250,000 TT and not supposed to break. Who knows it's just my opinion...
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    What is the best steering wheel for off-roading in UTV's?

    I have always used the momo suede ones!! They feel great in your hands.
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    HCR longtravel kit review Can Am Maverick XRS

    Mike I had the same problem with my commander and a fellow friend Zane turned me onto purchasing piano wire (spring back wire) from McMaster Carr and you can make them yourself. The wire is cheap and you will have plenty to perfect the clips! Thanks for the great info on your purchase of the hcr...
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    Yamaha Yamaha YXZ 1000 Chronicles?

    He is probably hammering away on it as we speak. Lets get some pictures flowing.
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    Honda Racing ?

    I will talk to a buddy that works there. We do a lot of work for them with the indy cars. Never even new they were playing around with it.
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    New 2015 XP 1000 build XLR/Valor

    Very nice build right here!!! super clean.;)
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    New to the site

    Clean car! You found the right site for your needs.
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    Who makes this cage?

    Looks good!
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    2017 teryx.

    So what's the rumors you guys have all heard? Spill the beans that's what this thread is about.
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    XP1K3 To Premier at Camp RZR Glamis!!

    Why don't you make these type of videos with the other manufactures Joey?
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    NEW 2016 Polaris RZR XP 4 TURBO & High Lifter Edition RZR 4 ANNOUNCED!

    Yea! You have done it before Johnny. Anyways whens the price on these cars gonna top out? next thing you know they are gonna be at $50,000.
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    Yamaha Yamaha YXZ 1000 Chronicles?

    Sounds like it should be some good building going down!
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    2016 Wildcat?

    Air dam thanks for the info. Very informative!
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    Infrared belt temperature gauge

    Great info. I am interested. Also can you post what this gauge cost is please? Thanks
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    2016 Wildcat?

    From the pics and vids in this thread it looks pretty rad! What were some of the problems with the previous cats? I never payed much attention to them.
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    UTVUG / CageWRX Polaris RZR BITD Build Thread

    Thanks for the update. Waiting for you guys to go out there and woop a**!
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    2016 Wildcat?

    Would be glad to see King shocks in the game. Probably one of the best shocks for sure!
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    Arctic Cat Arctic Cat & Robby Gordon / Todd Romano Partner

    What kind of power train does this thing have? It looks like the suspension works well!
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    UTVUG / CageWRX Polaris RZR BITD Build Thread

    Any updates now that the race is getting close?
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    New 2015 XP 1000 build XLR/Valor

    Very clean build with an outstanding write up so far. Thanks so much!
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    UTVUG / CageWRX Polaris RZR BITD Build Thread

    Thanks for posting some updates! You gonna try and race v2r with it? That would be good shakedown.
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    Desert Toyz Baja 500 race report

    Lobe those videos! They show there great memories they get to have. Thanks for the race cap.
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    UTVUG / CageWRX Polaris RZR BITD Build Thread

    This thing is gonna do work. Way to try and build a car with a budget to show people out there it does not always take the biggest pocket to race and have lots of fun doing it. I would never doubt Chad on his safety for racing with the experience he has in off road! Keep up the great work and...
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    CageWRX Super Shorty XP1000 Roll Cage

    That looks really good! Wonder if they will make one for the RZR 4??
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    UTVUG / CageWRX Polaris RZR BITD Build Thread

    Nice!!! Can't wait to see you guys do work in this out in the desert!! Good luck!
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    CageWRX Super Shorty XP1000 Roll Cage

    Pretty sweet lets see it on a car!
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    Suspended Fabrication, Staggs Racing coming to the MINT 400

    Good luck and btw the car looks GREAT!!!
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    Looks really good!!!! Keep up the great work.
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    Glamis HUGE AIR!!

    That was RAD!!

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