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    I still like the RZR!!!!!!!!!!!
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    RZR Crazy drive in Dubai

    looks like fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Get well soon everyone. You will be in our thoughts and prayers Scott.
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    Crazy Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you keeping track of your hours:D
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    Kawasaki 2009 SDR Turnkey Teryx

    Looks good Shawn!!!!!!!!
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    Kawasaki's Race Teryx

    Cant wait to see the finished product:cool:
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    CBS Evening NEWS - Katie Couric - RHINO story!!

    MEDIA ALERT – YAMAHA RESPONSE TO CBS NEWS STORY Go to for Accurate Information CYPRESS, Calif. – August 4, 2009 – The following is an official statement from Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., in response to the recent...
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    Heading to Dove springs for easter. Got a few ??'s

    try this
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    Heading to Dove springs for easter. Got a few ??'s

    I recomend a Friends of Jawbone map. It shows everything. Friends of Jawbone - New 7th Edition Friends of Jawbone map now available! There are lots of good places to park. I dont know how busy it will be for easter though. Just make sure you stay on marked trails the Rangers like to write...
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    A bill was introduced to make kids bikes legal again

    try now. It is on the right side of the screen
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    A bill was introduced to make kids bikes legal again
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    Here is another one but its for the kids

    Done, it took me about 10 seconds
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    Polaris RZRS Review Thread Comments

    Great write up Joey and very cool pictures Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Friends of Oceano Dunes Annual CrabFeed Pictures

    We had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thannks to everyone that helped the cause. Now I have to call Rugged Radio because I got out bid also:(
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    SoCal here

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    Not looking good for me I have an event in Florida that I have to attend:(
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    Dunechasers is a great site:D Glad to see you here Kevlar!!
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    Our New F31LKSG 5th wheel Stellar 2010

    Whats is the weight of this 2 axle toy hauler?
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    Rugged Radios Generosity

    Very Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Happy B-Day Jon
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    Thanks for posting. This is unbelievable that we even have to fight for this one:mad: Where is Honda, Yamaha, and all the main motorcycle builders with this?
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    Happy bday MIKE F

    Happy Birthday Mike
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    2009 Soboba Grand Prix - Results

    Looks like you had fun Chris:D
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    RIP Jeremy Lusk

    Very Sad:(
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    PITP 09 Sep 4-6

    Where is the PITP at?
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    Favorite Rods Pic thread

    The hot rods are way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I still like my Muscle Cars. This is one of my 4 fords. I know I need to change the rims
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    Soboba Pics

    I wish I could have been there:mad: If you have any good pictures you want to see in the Braggin Rights section of the Magazine send them to me at [email protected]
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    sick double front flip pro 4 truck

    Rick is a cool dude:D Wild crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    rain in so cal

    Raining in Ridgecrest:D That means Jawbone,Dove Springs and Spangler will be great riding this weekend:cool:
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    Lucas oil steps up

    To the Off Road Racing Community: > > Lucas Oil Products has finalized an agreement with Tony and Sherry Vanillo to acquire complete ownership of the newly formed American Off Road Series. The Series has been renamed the “Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Seriesâ€ÂÂ. Lucas...
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    SSV in da underground

    Glad to see ya SSV may have to talk to you about getting some tunes in the new Razor:cool:
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    Soboba GP

    Cool make sure you save me some decals:D
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    Soboba GP

    I am trying to work it out so I can get down there and take some pictures of the utvundeground group for the magazine. Where is everyone meeting?
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    Weekend Warrior lawsuit

    Headinjury is here now and he would know best.
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    Wassap All??

    Wow Shawn is a magazine guy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see ya here. I was at Glamis all last week having fun:D
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    Weekend Warrior lawsuit

    Stealth is a new line of toy haulers by Forest River. Started by Gary Denton one of the big names at WW.
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    Soboba GP

    Going to put it on the calender:D Looks like a blast. Do they have a big camping area?
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    I have seen you in the sand:D
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    I am Terry, I have a Ranger and a Razor I plan on building the Razor for some desert riding. Look Foward to meeting a bunch of people on this site. I live in Ridgecrest and ride at Spangler,Jawbone and Dove Springs all the time and I love mid week day trips. So if you are in the...
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    Thanks for showing me this site jws:cool:
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    Beware of J.T. he eats lots of bacon:D
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    All UTV's you knew this was coming.

    Cool lights............who is copying you?
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    Glamis 1/23 - 1/25

    40' Adrenaline Toyhauler
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    Glamis 1/23 - 1/25

    We will be there for the week:D around pad 4 hopefully:cool:

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