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    R1 wiring harness

    I ran into the same problem. I Should of listened in the first place & sent it to weller. Jason is a awesome guy & really knows about this.
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    Dirt Series Rd# 8 at Pala Raceway UTVunderground Pictures

    Awesome job on the driving. Enjoyed watching, especially when u were hitting those jumps. Congrats on the season.
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    Yamaha Team SRC's DSR1 Build

    We have been putting in a lot of time and a lot of work on this build, oh and don't forget a whole lot of $$$$. We are trying to make the 2012 Lake Elsinore GP, and its cutting close but if everything goes right we should make it.:D
  4. J

    2012 Lake Elsinore GP

    I was wondering also.:confused:
  5. J

    Dirt Series Rd# 8 at Pala Raceway UTVunderground Pictures

    Great pics Daniel. I thought that was u out there that day. I can say u hustle around that track really well to catch great pics. I would b out of breath the whole time.
  6. J

    Dirt Series Rd# 8 at Pala Raceway UTVunderground Pictures

    After a little talking to the officials about a car finishing under it own power & not being pushed across, Will Rodgers #65 from team SRC the guy running doubles took 2nd.
  7. J

    Yamaha Team SRC's DSR1 Build

    Hey everybody Its been a long time since ive been on here or posted. I became a daddy and Anybody that has kids knows that your life becomes really busy when this happens. Now that my life has leveled out a little I put together a team called SRC consisting of friends & family. We have...
  8. J

    New UTV Team

    Was up Underground, Just wanted to introduce a new team that will be taking on Best In The Desert Race series. I will be posting the News Letters so everybody can keep up on our progress. Thanks, Junior Q.
  9. J

    1955 DSR1 Mint 400 race recap

    We are Building our DSR1, Our first race is going to be the Henderson 250 in November. I hope to help out with the Press on the DSR1's
  10. J

    Going BIG Junior Quisquis Style

    Rebuilding rhino & dropping in the R1 motor. Have decals on side panels, will post pix soon.
  11. J

    2011 Lake Elsinore Gp Official Thread! November 12th & 13th

    Love Racing the GP, Working hard to get the R1 motor installed in time. Hope to make it this year.
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    Going BIG Junior Quisquis Style

    <iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="">Untitled</a> from <a href="">Junior Quisquis</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>
  13. J

    Future UTV Champion

    Thanks guys.
  14. J

    Future UTV Champion

    Hey everybody I would like to introduce you to my newest baby girl Nealani Quisquis. The Sr1 build takes 2nd place, so if you were wondering where the updates are.....well now you know.
  15. J

    UTV Off-Road Magazine April 2011 RACE ISSUE!!

    LOL, Good job on the article. Look forward to buying the issue.
  16. J

    UTV Off-Road Magazine April 2011 RACE ISSUE!!

    Good article and pics, FYI from this end, Its REZ. No disrespect at all just a FYI.
  17. J

    Junior "Mr. Toad" Quisquis SR1 Monster Build

    Getting the mounts dry fitted and ready for welding.
  18. J

    Junior "Mr. Toad" Quisquis SR1 Monster Build

    We have some stuff in the works, Jump maybe, land speed record maybe, But we will have to see whats in store for 2011-2012. Working with the UG on some big things.
  19. J

    Junior "Mr. Toad" Quisquis SR1 Monster Build

    Just got the Weller SR1 kit delivered yesterday.
  20. J

    Junior "Mr. Toad" Quisquis SR1 Monster Build

    It is built nice, Best built car that I have seen yet. Wish they were still around.
  21. J


    It did change the game of UTV's. I still look up to Chad and Brent for all the hard work they did to pave the way for UTV's. I still take care of this Rhino like it was my own kid. Can't wait to start racing in it again. Gonna head out to the desert and play ride soon.
  22. J


    No, Sorry. I have not heard from them in a long time. When they closed their doors I kept a promise to them to always take care of their Rhino.
  23. J

    How Many UTV Race Series' Are There? I NEED YOUR HELP

    S.C.H.C.R.A. ( Southern California Hill Climb Racing Association)
  24. J

    Junior "Mr. Toad" Quisquis SR1 Monster Build

    Here are the first pics of the Monster Rhino getting a fresh coat of paint and soon the R1 power plant thanks to Jason over at Weller Racing.
  25. J


    I still have the Monster Rhino they built. I am currently Doing a rebuild and dropping in a R1 power plant. Great guys and really good friends.
  26. J

    Soboba Long Jump Contest Sponsored By UTVUnderground & Daystar! $2000.00 PRIZE!!!!

    Re: Soboba Long Jump Contest Sponsored By UTVUnderground & Daystar! $2000.00 PRIZE!!! I cant wait for this. All the shit talking comes down to that night. Good luck to all. Im the booky for the night. Taking bets on who will come out on top, and also closes to distance guessed.
  27. J

    Stock UTV class???

    Stock class is the way to keep utv racing growing. I staarted out in a stock and moved up to pro after a couple of years. You can catch the attention of up and coming drivers by adding this class.
  28. J

    UTVUnderground & Daystar Sponsor Long Jump Contest @ Soboba

    This is gonna be great. Cant wait for the Long Jump Contest. I will be there for sure watching and cheering these guys on. Best of luck to all that are jumping.:eek:
  29. J

    How many close calls are in this 1 video?

    I think I found my next trip.
  30. J

    Hey was up bobby. Its Junior. I am working with rat sult, joey and others to get a little hype...

    Hey was up bobby. Its Junior. I am working with rat sult, joey and others to get a little hype going on about the jumps that I did glen did and others that want to. We are planning to hype it all up and get us all talking on Totally off road radio at rat's offroad nights in temecula. I...
  31. J

    GBC Motorsports is looking for UTV teams

    I'm rebuilding the Pro Craft Monster Rhino with the R1 swap. Not sure what i'm going to do. Maybe run desert or try another Guinness jump. What are you offering?.
  32. J

    Gatorz Eyewear Dealers

    Nice glasses but SORRY, Sponsored By SPY OPTICS.:)
  33. J

    Monster Energy Kawasaki Super Nessy

    Dam I havn't been around in a while but all I got to say is DAM I LOVE DRAGONFIRE's Sh*t. Always on the move up. Don't know what it is but DAM its going to be sick.
  34. J

    Official Soboba 2011 Thread

    Re: Official Soboba 2010 Thread If Pala host a GP or a GP series I hope they do something good. Im tired of all these sissy ass track builders thinking they know what they are doing but all you do is drive around in big circles. And everybody claps and says did you see me I didn't even lift...
  35. J

    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Sorry about the wait. I have been going through a nasty custody battle and breakup. I haven't been on here or been really doing anything. As soon as I get my two little girls better, I will post somthing. Dont mean to let the cat out of the bag but life is life.:(
  36. J

    Kyle LeDuc's In the House

    Dam Kyle How you been, Haven't seen you in a while. Leduc name taking over every corner of racing. That sweet that your building the SR1. I'm working that way. Just trying to confince myself to build a 2 wheel SR1 and not the 4x4 xrs1000 out of S.D. County. any ways Hope to be sidexside out...
  37. J

    Long travel for Teryx

    LOL rusty, No burtin here. Thats why I didn't talk crap on anybody. Just like anybody a kit will bend break or crack depending on what you do to it. Just choose what you want. thats the best.
  38. J

    Long travel for Teryx

    Ok here it goes, Junior has to open his mouth and get into this one for sure. Is everybody ready for the truth. The real truth on who's long travel works,breaks,bends or just is junk. All righty then here it goes and dont get mad once I let this out. I have used and seen a lot of lt kits out...
  39. J

    2009 Pala Raceway / GP

    Ya thats cool. Just clearing it up. You know how I am. Fuel injection needs some work. $900.00 for a new computer and money doesn't flow like the UTVunderground. JK LOL. Hope it doesn't rain at Boba I hope to run in some nice weather.
  40. J

    2009 Pala Raceway / GP

    Glad I didnt kill my car to race. I showed up but had a few problems but really really glad I didn't race. And its not that Blue couldn't hold up. because He did dam well at Boba last year. The car took a hard hit to the skid plate from a large boulder. The skidplate was pushed into the...
  41. J

    SR1, whos bulding one?

    No but I saw a flyer on a race that is allowing all 1000cc utv's. Its called the xrs1000 racing series. I think they are having it in 2010 and have 4 races and $1000.00 for first place each race not including 50% payback. I will find the flyer and post it.
  42. J

    SR1, whos bulding one?

    Thats the bad thing about me I have a short temper. Thats why I race so I can blow off steam. I asked a simple Question because I wanted to make sure on the different years I got a answer and it started to go back and forth. I am sorry Wild Earp if I came off like that. And Corry thanks...
  43. J

    SR1, whos bulding one?

    Here is the issue I have Wild Earp. And I think you need to stop putting your foot in your mouth every time your answering for corry. Here is Corry's Quote. I read this and thought dam I have thought this so much and thats why I stopped racing because I couldn't afford it. Any body that...

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