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  1. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    Desert Toyz 904 San Felipe Race report

    Desert Toyz 2904 race report San Felipe The 2018 San Felipe 250 (318 mile) is in the books. It all started on Wednesday morning when we rolled out of Peoria at 12:15 am, we meet up with Paul Champion #1955 in Yuma and headed for Calexico. Not 30 miles out of Yuma and Paul had a flat on his toy...
  2. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    Desert Toyz Race report Parker 250 thinking of you Casey!

    Parker Arizona, January 7, 2017: Opening event of the BITD 2107 season and Can-Am Desert Toyz Race Team took 2nd Overall and 2nd in the Pro Production Turbo class, Cory and Darren Sappington out drove all but 1 in the field of 82, It was a great day of racing and the competition was fierce...
  3. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    2017 BITD Parker 250 Photos / Story / Video

    Thanks for the nice write up about Casey, and the race Casey is in our prays hourly
  4. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    UTV WINTER NATIONALS Parker “250” Presented By Polaris

    It was great to finish 2nd and we were only 2 minutes back on the 3rd lap at midway and had Sims beat by a full minute and a half in the first 28 miles, as we can thru midway 3 minutes behind but started 4:30 behind. It was a great race! great job Mitch and Sims. PS Brandon I know how you...
  5. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    BITD Class Vote on turbos

    So I am super reluctant to post on this subject as there are a lot of just plain mean people who tell many untruths however I feel a few things should be put straight, 1. There has never been a mid season rule change that allowed any latest released utv to race. 2. there was a pole taken...
  6. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    Vegas To Reno

    Qualifying hummmm that could be a lot of fun, I think starting up front in the UTV class is an advantage while we are going faster we are not going to be catching the cars like we catch the UTV's so I think you have less passing and less dust but who knows I could be wrong.
  7. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    Desert Toyz Baja 500 race report

    Video of Scott running out of talent and then regaining that lost talent, we were very lucky.
  8. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    Desert Toyz Baja 500 race report

    2015 Desert Toyz Racing Team Baja 500 race report After thousands of highway miles, 500 + race miles and hundreds of tacos we are home from another great Baja 500 adventure. This year the SCORE Baja 500 had all the great stuff that Baja memories are made of. This year the Desert Toyz team had...
  9. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    Desert Toyz 1904 SS300 race recap

    1904 Desert Toyz, CST Tires, Tiger Lights, Mod Quad Can-Am Maverick SS300 race recap After a disappointing Mint 400, Desert Toyz racing team was determined to have a good run at the Silver State 300. At the Mint we were hit by a sportsman truck while passing him, the impact broke the...
  10. Desert toyz 1904 Scott

    #1928 SS 300

    Sorry to hear about the accident, it always sucks when you really have nothing to do with it. I am the driver of the 1904 Can-Am Maverick Max who started the race and be assured it was not the 1904 that bumped you and caused the ensuing crash. glad to hear that it sounds like the diver who did...

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