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    All UTV's Eibach looking for a couple members to test spring kits

    I have a couple cars teamed we are teamed up with two xp 1000 xp 900 and a Yamaha feel free to contact [email protected]
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    Worcs racing question

    Yeah I actually switched front the 14 belt and ran the 15 because I was told the compound was better. lol but I think it has all to do clutch set up and keeping them clean and inspected. On axles I am changing them every 3 races
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    Worcs racing question

    First off I am not clutch expert by any means with that said I race worcs and have not had 1 belt issue for a season and half running two races a weekend on the same belt . Knock on wood. Everyone that I have talked to gathering information about the blowers is that the blower pushed 240 CFM...
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    BITD Email to UTV Racers. Please Read and Respond ASAP

    I have heard rumors there is a re-gear kit that changes the transmission gearing that the factory guys can get? That true or aloud in BITD? I heard a short course guys got busted with it. (Could be a complete lie) just curious if it was aloud because that could be a huge advantage to if you...
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    2015 BITD Parker 250 Contingency Photos looks like this from what i found looking online.
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    UTV World Championship Race Schedule / Details / Updates

    Joey are we going to be able to run a worcs car in the short course race? (no weld in cage) the best in desert rules say it has to be welded in. Or is that going to be just for the desert race? or is there going to be some exceptions for this race.
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    Polaris Trinity Racing RZR 570 Build

    Nice looking Car! Talked to worcs yesterday and Maria said that there alot of pros running that class!
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    All UTV's Power commander PC5 Auto tune

    Hey looking for some info! I am looking to get a PC5 auto tune from dynojet for my xp 1000. Iv looked online and they only have a few maps. With the auto tune do you run certain maps and it will tune automatically or should I get it dynoed first? Any thoughts would be great thanks!ffice:office"...
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    WORCS setup questions

    I just built my xp 1000 and started racing. I have multiple friends that run the worcs series in both the sxs 1000 ( witch I'm running) and also the pro class. On my car i went with Nelson racing products and they built me a bad ass cage with solid doors and safety nets and also a rear mounted...
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    Polaris 2015 Clutch Cover Pic

    Any one have a 2015 that can post pics of the inside? they said they changed the clutch would like to see if you can see a difference?
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    Polaris rzr xp 1000 tie rods?

    thanks guys thats what i though im going to call some companys that make them and see if they change the inner.
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    Polaris rzr xp 1000 tie rods?

    Has any one tryed aftermarket tie rods for a xp1000? i heard some aftermarket ones creat bump steer? any imput would be awesome thanks!
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    All UTV's Lookinf for XP1000 Uniball A-Arms

    Nelson nelson racing products has a set also they have a front sway bar set up that works with there arms.
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    Joey I am dropping off my car this week for nelson racing to build it for worcs and was...

    Joey I am dropping off my car this week for nelson racing to build it for worcs and was wondering if i could have you send me the pdf file so i could have UTVunderground on the car. thanks
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    Polaris razor xp 1000 adjusting the preload questions

    rzr xp 1000 adjusting the preload questions I am wondering if anyone has messed with the preload and ride hight on stock shocks? I would love to buy fox but I have stock for now and trying to get it to sit a little lower for better cornering? Any tried this or have any suggestions Would be...
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    UTVUnderground Action Sports Canopy FORUM MEMBER GIVEAWAY!!

    Would only want to represent the best utv publication to spreed the word

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