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  1. Ratoutahell

    XX wins V2R

    Definitely the best-built factory machine I have seen to date. Having raced, I see lots of significant advantages to this platform over others for sure. Trust me, I was/am not a Wildcat X fan and would never consider the old wildcat as a contender...but this is much better and by far...
  2. Ratoutahell

    Team Mamelli Racing / XDR Off-Road / BITD Vegas to Reno

    Your turbo car looks so legit!! Hope you guys had a good time at V2R!
  3. Ratoutahell

    Can-Am Vs. Polaris - Officially Equal?

    But I would say as of right now, both have their goods and bads...being objective if I had the funds to build another car and was not tied to any I think I would build an X3....but I sure like working on the Polaris more...agh!!! Good times to be involved lol
  4. Ratoutahell

    Can-Am Vs. Polaris - Officially Equal?

    Well I have heard that Polaris has a totally new machine to release later this year (not the S) which would be interesting...and when they do Can-Am has a 198HP version of the X3 they will drop. But hey, that is just what I have heard ;)
  5. Ratoutahell

    Polaris General Race Build

    He has been racing the car. Check out his Instagram page @drewschultz320 where you can see competed pics of the car.
  6. Ratoutahell


    Totally agree. As a privateer myself, I am grateful for the support that Polaris gives to racing. Our sport has more product support than any other class by a long ways. However, the structure of the program only supports those that already have all the support they need. I would love to see...
  7. Ratoutahell

    Anyone "burning" injectors racing in BITD???

    Hey Guys, Curious if anyone has injector issues desert racing. I get about 500 miles out of mine before idle and low end performance degrades drastically. I'm on my 3rd set now. I would guess this is due to contamination in the fuel system. Fuel filters get changed every race and my vent...
  8. Ratoutahell

    Valor Racing MINT 400 race report VIDEO!!

    Hey everyone, check out our race report video! We have sure enjoyed racing with everyone and hope to continue to learn and get better!
  9. Ratoutahell

    #959 Valor Racing 2018 BITD MINT 400 Race Report

    Thanks Eric! I appreciate your words. We are feeling the lows right now but you are absolutely right. I think sometimes I am hard on myself more than I should be as to how I finish the race. In reality, it is about the comradery, about the friends that come help me out, and about being a part...
  10. Ratoutahell

    #959 Valor Racing 2018 BITD MINT 400 Race Report

    #959 Valor Racing 2018 BITD MINT 400 Race Report Facebook: @valor959 IG: k.miller959 When the dust settled from our infamous Parker 250 crash, we immediately dove headlong into fixing our car so we could participate in the MINT 400. After all, this was the 50th Anniversary of the MINT 400...
  11. Ratoutahell

    Its one of the most insane UTV's we've ever seen!

    Solid rear axle!....interesting!
  12. Ratoutahell

    Did everyone move on.

    I WAS doing a detailed build thread on my race car. Then Photobucket pulled the blanket out from under me and I lost all my pictures I had already posted...kind of lost momentum then. I find it a bit funny that these "builders" want to keep something secret. Not sure that there is any...
  13. Ratoutahell

    Valor Racing #959 2018 Parker 250 Race Report

    #959 Valor racing Report: 2018 BITD UTV Winter Nationals Casey Folks Parker 250 The first race of 2018! The Parker 250 in Parker, Arizona. The Parker 250 is one of the few races this year with only UTV’s. This meant that we could expect a fast and exciting race. Coming from the freezing...
  14. Ratoutahell

    SCORE / BITD Sportman UTV Class

    All desert cars (not short course) raced together on the same day. The start line was looooonnngg!!!
  15. Ratoutahell

    The 30" vs. 32"- Thoughts on Both

    Nice! That machine is awesome. Those look like the new 46mm offset not the 0 correct?? IE 5+0 not 2.5+2.5?
  16. Ratoutahell

    The 30" vs. 32"- Thoughts on Both

    I have played around with stock 5+1 and aftermarket 4+4, and 4+3 and also running those with 2" wheel spacers. No doubt a slightly positive srub is desired on these cars. For sure you can notice the negative side effects with the wider offset wheels. In a race car situation I would agree that...
  17. Ratoutahell

    The 30" vs. 32"- Thoughts on Both

    32's are just fine with proper clutching. I've run 32's for the last couple of years on all my machines both turbo and NA XP 1000's.
  18. Ratoutahell

    The 30" vs. 32"- Thoughts on Both

    I think way to many people are getting hung up on this offset thing. IMO, very few people can drive the difference in the offset and there are so many factors going into how a car handles. For the every day driver/rider it makes no difference whatsoever. Go with what you want and what you...
  19. Ratoutahell

    Rage At The River

    Great write up!
  20. Ratoutahell


    Thanks for the write up! It is much appreciated!
  21. Ratoutahell

    SCORE / BITD Sportman UTV Class

    The light is not on their site (last I checked). You can just call them and ask for the BITD spec light and they can help you out. Awesome company. KC HiLites 1 (888) 689-5955.
  22. Ratoutahell

    SCORE / BITD Sportman UTV Class

    So for BITD Sportsman and Stock Sportsman are different. Talking with Cory it was explained that for BITD as long as the stated rules for Stock Sportsman are met you can race. There are no limitations at this point so you can just barley meet the rules or have a full-race build to compete. It...
  23. Ratoutahell

    RACE REPORT: BITD SS150 #959 Valor Racing

    #959 BITD SS150 Valor Racing Race Report Our second race in the BITD series was the Silver State 150 following just a few short weeks after Vegas to Reno. Silver State is the shortest race for 2017 and was only for UTV’s, motorcycle’s and quads. Wow what a change of pace! The stress levels...
  24. Ratoutahell

    some axle help for a new guy

    The Polaris axles for 2016 and 2017 XP's are different. You can find part numbers for all the parts and years here: Between '16 and '17 all the outer CV's are the same but the inner CV's are different between the front and the...
  25. Ratoutahell

    The Ultimate UTV Trailer

    That trailer is sweet! Where did you get it?
  26. Ratoutahell

    New BITD Stock Sportsman Rule

    So talking to Cory the rules are open in that as long as the rules listed on the BITD site for the Stock Sportsman are met, anything goes. So essentially you can have a fully built race car and compete in this class. At least for now. The class will only be run at events where cars and trucks...
  27. Ratoutahell

    Valor Racing #959 Vegas to Reno Race Report

    Yeah so one of my rookie mistakes was when I bought my fuel cell from Harmon I got it with the aftermarket Aeromotive fuel pump. It pulls 15 amps over the factory 7? amp pump. I think that coupled with the radio, pumper, and lights just pushed it over the edge. When running all my lights...
  28. Ratoutahell

    Valor Racing #959 Vegas to Reno Race Report

    #959 Valor Racing Vegas to Reno 2017 Race Report by Kyle Miller Wow! What a ride! Vegas to Reno 2017 marked Valor Racing’s very first desert race. Ever! I have diligently been building my car for quite a while now and with its completion I figured why not, let’s hit V2R for my first race...
  29. Ratoutahell

    XP 1000 Turbo RACE fuel milage V2R?

    I could not agree more. As a former pro shooter I always helped out any new person I could. For sure there were times when I thought, man, it took me years to learn this or that and I just taught you it in 5 minuets. I think that is why many people aren't quick with the help. And they are...
  30. Ratoutahell

    XP 1000 Turbo RACE fuel milage V2R?

    Thanks Wayne! I really appreciate it!
  31. Ratoutahell

    XP 1000 Turbo RACE fuel milage V2R?

    Its a 2016
  32. Ratoutahell

    XP 1000 Turbo RACE fuel milage V2R?

    Awesome thanks! We are averaging about 8.8 right now and that seemed low to me. Thanks for confirming. -Kyle
  33. Ratoutahell

    XP 1000 Turbo RACE fuel milage V2R?

    Hey guys, Anybody willing to share what approximate fuel mileage they are getting from the XP 1000 turbo race cars? V2R is my first BITD race and I am not sure of the terrain features to estimate mileage. Of course this is for pit strategy so any advice on that point is welcome as well! :)...
  34. Ratoutahell

    Polaris Turbo Long Travel, What Do You Prefer

    This is one of those threads that you will only really get feedback from people who can recommend 1 system...the one they own. I would venture to guess that there are VERY few people who have multiple systems and even fewer who could tell you the actual differences. So essentially, you have to...
  35. Ratoutahell

    New build question

    So I just coated my chassis with Steel-it and love it! This is my first experience with it as I have done powdercoat in the past. I like the fact that I can weld to it if needed and honestly it was not that expensive. I bought a gallon from Kartek for $175 and bought a cheap HVLP gun from...
  36. Ratoutahell

    sold as is question

    If they sold it as-is then you are out of luck. Not much you can do. Honestly with these machines, things can break at any time so 3 days worth of riding could have resulted in the damage especially if you are new to these machines. It may even seem like you "didn't do anything". Now if you...
  37. Ratoutahell

    Arctic Cat Desert race car purchase program now on ACs website.

    I think its when a company sells you their "R&D in the works" that some folks question it....but hey it's definitely a cool machine and Robby knows a thing or 2 about desert cars! Much more than me for sure.
  38. Ratoutahell

    Journey to the Desert

    Thanks for the tip BiggJim!
  39. Ratoutahell

    Journey to the Desert

    Cooling: Alright so it is well known that the factory ’16 XPT does not have adequate cooling for desert racing. When I started this build there were no alternate options for radiators so my plan was to run a 25”x13” Ron Davis radiator rear mounted to handle the motor and keep the factory...
  40. Ratoutahell

    Thoughts on gaining pit support? The above would be the best bet. There are generally always cars rolling through there. Plus we are getting close to the new model years being released so that should push some cars through. Yes, I have a small crew with 2 chase trucks...
  41. Ratoutahell

    Thoughts on gaining pit support?

    So I am finally finishing my car and V2R will be my first race with it. My biggest recommendation would be to buy a used car that is already set up. If you like this type of racing, then most likely you will stick with it and you can build your own car when you are more knowledgeable and know...
  42. Ratoutahell

    Journey to the Desert

    Exhaust: For me this was a no brainer. I have used multiple exhaust systems throughout my short yet extensive UTV life and nothing has even come close to HMF. While HFM runs a dual can setup like many others, I would consider them leaps and bounds ahead of everything else I have tried...
  43. Ratoutahell

    Journey to the Desert

    My UTV Inc parts: I have used UTV Inc in the past for parts on my “normal” XP’s and have always been pleased with the service and quality of parts. For this car, I will be using their fire extinguishers, skid plate, and motor bar. Fire Extinguishers: Many of the fire extinguisher mounts I...
  44. Ratoutahell

    Journey to the Desert

    Thanks Motive! I really appreciate the feedback! You and your team have always been helpful when I have talked with you guys!
  45. Ratoutahell

    Journey to the Desert

    For the battery, I chose a Shorai LFX-36L3-BS12 Lithium battery. This thing packs a punch at less than 5 pounds and provides 540CCA. I will admit I am a bit nervous about this battery. I could find virtually no information on people running lithium batteries in the desert other than bikes so...

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