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    who runs a horn/siren for fireroads

    Sorry Fernando, been there done that.... No rockfront for me.. :-)
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    who runs a horn/siren for fireroads

    Where are these "high speed" fire roads? Never heard of such a thing, especially in California lol
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    Happy Birthday Slacker

    Happy birthday effer!!!
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    Ocotillo Wells - Overnight in the Badlands April 18,19,20

    Lots going on between now and then jimmy but I'll see if I can make it down...
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    UTV thing..

    Watching this build...this should be awesome!
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    Tonka Gas Tank

    And hope it doesn't spring another leak...anyone down there that could build you a nice big 40+ gallon tank?
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    Good thread, it has to be frustrating for any company to work their tail off to build a nice product only to have someone copy it and then sell for dirt cheap.
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    TireBalls & KOH Dominence

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    XP1K or T Rex 2

    Honda big red..... :D
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    Stumpwerks Picture and Video Thread:Jawbone 2014

    Cool pics thanks for posting....
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    Nice car Cisco, hate to see it go. Whatcha moving on to?
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    Happy Birthday Zane

    happy bday zane!!
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    New Build - Tejon Gen II

    Ya jimmy wants to be stud rooster....
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    Bakersfield Kern County Christmas Eve morning ride

    I would love to if I didn't have to work. Have a good ride.
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    Build For Race Without Buying A UTV

    You started out good but went downhill in a hurry, what you fail to understand is that the folks on this forum don't give a shit about your money and clout. They are genuine people who love the sport and to others the hobby. These people work hard to acquire the stuff in their signatures, and...
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    Build For Race Without Buying A UTV

    Sounds like he is going to do well in Baja with all the friends he is making........
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    Pffft, we've seen your MH. Don't think you could carry enough to do that! Haha
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    new from bakersfield

    Welcome, this place is going downhill in a hurry! :D
  19. 6 is a joke

    So Dave's a sword fighting Russian mistletoe loving rich silencer? Oh and a pimp in Oxnard...
  20. 6 is a joke

    I can't, so does Joey like mistletoe ?haha
  21. 6 is a joke

    Lol, hadn't seen that one.
  22. 6 is a joke

    That means you like jimmy, he is a turtle.... His nickname is turtle boy. :-) Mmmmm bacon, I like bacon too...
  23. 6 is a joke

    Ya! Hate N bitchez are thick in here, they especially hate mistletoe!! Haha
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    F/U mistletoe

    Ya'll a bunchoftramps bitches
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    F/U mistletoe

    Making a mental note to disregard invites to the drewitt party
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    F/U mistletoe

    So Tom...... Is this the repeat you said you were looking forward to on the 28th at casa de jimmy???
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    New from Bakersfield CA

    Spam, he has 19 posts, all posting that video in various threads.
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    New from Bakersfield CA

    Welcome, ex bako guy here...
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    Need some help finding a shoot location in So Cal!!!

    Hey Joey, we know several private ranch owners that might be game for that...
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    Hi From Stumpwerks

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    Hi From Stumpwerks

    Um, uh oh.......
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    Hi From Stumpwerks

    Welcome stumpster!!
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    Hell of a camera man..... Wait.... What? You're married? Lol
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    Thanksgiving weekend. Where you riding?

    No blah blah blah from the peanut gallery... You rode beeatch a lot at OW!
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    Thanksgiving weekend. Where you riding?

    Don't forget keyesville... Unless you're scared? Lol
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    Wouldn't have made those climbs without all you guys on the spotters ropes ;-) thanks stumpwerks :-)
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    Thanksgiving weekend. Where you riding?

    We will be up at keyesville if anyone wants to come up.
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    New Build - Tejon Gen II

    Looking good jimmy!
  39. 6 Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    Damn good for a first year event, next year will be unreal. Glad we made it down, as usual good times were had and we are left wanting more. It was good seeing everyone, and can't wait for the next trip :-). That little girl that was singing was bad a$$. Stole the show for sure!
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    KeYeSviLLe PART 1 video STUMPWERKS

    Nice work Dave and stumpy!
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    Keyesville, LaFamilia Style

    Just wait Tom............
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    Keyesville, LaFamilia Style

    Great trip and group to spend a weekend with! Great job Chris and looking forward to some more scouting trips in the near future....Cant wait to see your new ride! ;):D
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    We lost a great member today.. RIP poflo

    R.I.P poflo. He always had good advice on several forums.
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    Hi from central coast of CA

    Welcome, we are down the road a ways here in buellton. We don't do pismo anymore but like trail riding.
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    Still want to debate the HELMET LAW????

    I didn't call YOU one, thats aimed at the manufacturers that are cowering to CPSC. If I thought you were, trust me, I would call you and tell you. I've had a sxs since 04, ive put some shitty miles on with no scary close calls where I thought I needed a helmet. Ive worn them hit and miss, don't...
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    Still want to debate the HELMET LAW????

    Oh ya Facebook, sorry, don't belong and never will. And I don't agree with our good friend Reid posting it either. Maybe you are cool with wearing a helmet, I respect you for wearing it, But I want the choice to pick and choose where I do use it. I think arctic cats cages are crap, and the proof...
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    Still want to debate the HELMET LAW????

    Ya, my parents don't ride in cali anymore because of this STUPID law. Keep posting up pics like that and they will keep taking stuff from your website to use against the folks who don't want shit shoved down their throat.......

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