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    Im new to the rhino world

    Welcome to the Underground!
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    Click here to vote for UTV Underground

    Let's keep the votes coming guys!
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    New to the site

    Welcome to the forums!
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    New from Illinois

    Welcome to the Forums!
  5. J

    Long Travel Industries

    Welcome to the Forums!
  6. J

    Kawasaki Top End

    This is for all you Teryx Owners. If your looking to get much more top end out of your Teryx, look into a Brute Force or VForce Bevel Gear Swap. I am in the works of installing a Teryx bevel gear in my Arctic Cat 650 V2(Kawi motor). This will lower my overall ratio by 14.5%. I have heard of...
  7. J


    Some of my issues are turning the bigger mud tires. Arctic Cat now has 3 Sets of gear ratio's you can choose from. In the Thundercat 1000 and 700H1 you will find 3.1 gears. Anything else will have 3.6 Gears unless it's a 700 H1 Mud Pro, or I do believe a year of the Prowler SxS also had them. I...
  8. J


    I'm actually building it up to be a "trail monster." I want to be able to hold my own on roads with a few raptors, KTM's etc but I also want to go in the deepest of mud pits. Should be intresting to see when it's all finished. I'll keep you posted.
  9. J


    Lol Mud ATV's require more maintenance then some think but I imagine UTV's do too. I live in Alberta, Canada (Happy Birthday Canada :cool:). We have miles and miles of trails ranging from muskeg, mountains, mud, deep creek crossings etc.
  10. J

    Dragonfire Racing

    Welcome to the forums DragonFireRacing! I'm sure you will bring great info along with great products in the future!
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    Click here to vote for UTV Underground

    Just voted.. I will vote everyday along with unleashedpowersports and world of brutes. In the end we all win :cool:.
  12. J


    Thank you for the welcome! I honestly don't know much about UTV's, but hopefully this site can change that. I currently don't have a UTV but I do have a 2005 Arctic Cat 650 V2 ATV that is Trail / Mud Ready.
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    We're glad to be associated with UTVUnderground. Unleashed Powersports • View topic - - UTVUnderground Partnership
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    Hello. I'm new to I'll be sure to refer people here and contribute to the site. Justin

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