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    2016 UTV World Championship Announcement

    Thanks Joey. So poker run is Friday and racing Saturday. Is there a place to sign up for poker run?
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    2016 UTV World Championship Announcement

    Is there a schedule of events somewhere?
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    Can'am or RZR?

    I have a 4 seat Maverick Max and every other person we ride with has a RZR. I can say I am out numbered probably 10 to one but that has nothing to do with Polaris being a superior product. It ha to do with Polaris being a superior marketing company. I have gone though 1 belt in the year and a...
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    Turbo Can-Am Hillclimb

    Shitty that this guy is beating the hell out of that car but these Turbos are no joke. They have plenty of power!
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    Southside dune bashing at Glamis ~ Video

    Thanks for posting the pic Josh. We have been very happy with the build Southside did for us. Matter of fact I am taking the car over to them this weekend to get some other stuff done to it. Dave, if you do decide to go with a Max Turbo I am pretty sure you will be very happy with that decision...
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    Can-Am Maverick X ds Turbo FOX Shocks Tuning Guide!

    that's pretty cool of Can Am and Fox to put this together. Way to go guys
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    Southside dune bashing at Glamis ~ Video

    Great video Josh. B is a great guy. They built my car and we have been very happy with it. Just about everywhere we go I get compliments on the car. We have a 2014 Can Am Maverick Max and I think the lines on the cage are the best I have seen. Bummed I couldn't make it out there this weekend but...
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    Official 2014 Baja 1000 thread

    Thank you. I was able to take care of the items needed last night so I will be leaving with our team. I appreciate the offer. See you in Baja
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    Official 2014 Baja 1000 thread

    I know this may be a long shot but I am looking for a ride to get down to Ensenada on Wednesday. Anyone leaving out of the LA/Inland Empire area that I might be able to catch a ride with? I am chasing with the Murrays but can not leave out with the guys on Tuesday. Thanks in advance
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    All UTV's SAND SHOW 2014 REVIEW!

    Wow, some over the top stuff. You guys had a ton of cars out and looks like you had a great turn out. The Christine car was unreal, a dream car for me! There were a lot of other great stuff. Rugged was huge and had a ton of great deal. The Proline wraps car was ridiculous! That wrap was...
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    NEW 2015 Can-Am Maverick TURBO

    May have to upgrade the Max. I have an LSR suspension on mine and IMO the best riding UTV out there
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2014 Vegas To Reno - VIDEO

    great video Go Murray Motorsports!!!
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    Kawasaki Teryx 4 Build

    Car looks sweet Ryan.
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    What events are you attending this riding season?

    SSSS Parker Blue water Score race in Ocatillo or whatever they call it Baja 1000 Glamis, we will make it an event just by coming out lol. Looking forward to a great season or everyone having fun and being safe
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    KONG on the loss @ Dune Fest 2014

    Good looking dog. Did you get him from Tod in Fallbrook?
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    2009 Teryx Revived

    Looking good Josh. Can't wait to see that thing tear up the dunes.
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    Official UTVUnderground Baja 500 Updates Thread

    Marks a very good driver with a car built for Baja. I hope Brandon doesn't push it to hard and break something. However it plays out it is very exciting to read about it. Thanks for sharing guys. I am stuck in SF wasn't able to be there so this is the next best thing.
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    LORENZstudioDesign's KAWASAKI T4 build starts today.

    Looking good. Let's see some more of that T4
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    New 2014 Teryx Race build

    Looking good brother. Can't wait to see the finished product
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    4,800 Hard dune riding miles on my Teryx

    I only have 12 on mine but I like to sit around camp a lot. j/k 1200 dune miles most but I have a few trips to mammoth on this thing and it still rocks
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    UTVUnderground / Can-Am / Glamis / Thanksgiving

    Sounds like a plan, looking forward to it
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    Official UTVUnderground 2013 Baja 1000 UPDATES

    Congrats to the Holz team for the win. BTW I would be part of that fan club. Cory is a good guy and like the post says he is out to compete every time on a budget a lot smaller than some of these big teams and not to take anything away from them but it is awesome to see a guy with so much heart...
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    Our RZR XP 1000 Built by SDR Motorsports

    Great looking build. Love the attention to detail you guys put in to it.
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    Great looking car. You guys are really putting out some nice stuff
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    Official "Thread" for the DWT PURE "250" Presented by --

    It was marked pretty well but when you get out there in the dust and darkness it gets a little tough to navigate. Was a great race though and if anyone is looking to get into racing, this is the series to go to.
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    Official "Thread" for the DWT PURE "250" Presented by --

    Great race. We came prepared and thought we had everything under control and with a 1st position off the line we were excited. The Murrry Racing Can Am Commander was ready to run. As we were coming to the starting line we were having issues with our GPS and right off the bat we missed the...
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    Advice on UTV for racing SCORE (attempt 2)

    Rusty, good luck man. The SxS racing is insane and has some great competitors in pret much all of the circuits. Hope to see you down in Baja.
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    Advice on UTV for racing SCORE (attempt 2)

    We race a can am in the pure series and this series by all means is no comparison to Baja but our car has done very well and knock on wood has not had any issues. I think the can am is a very well built car and with a few modifications it will survive Baja. Just my experience and opinion but...
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    Suspension rocks on the can am and they are built pretty solid. The 4 seat is Mekong but is by far the most comfortable ride in the industry. IMO
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    Sell me your T4 plastics

    I have a blue and a red hood I can let go for cheap
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    Mini Me-Buckshot X2 bodied Buckshot Bullet

    Looks sick. You guys gonna do a 4 seat version. I don't have the budget for a full size car
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    Official Thread for the DWT PURE "350" Presented by

    We are ready to rock and roll. See you guys out there Saturday
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    Let there be light!!! i stepped up to led headlights

    Can ou pm me a price as well
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    Sweet, congrats. I love the white
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    All UTV's Can-Am MAVERICK MAXX Has Arrived !

    Nice, did you guys only get the yellow or has the white and red arrived?
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    De Amo Motorsports in So Cal Has Can Am Maverick Max Available Today!

    Nice, that white and red one looks bad ass
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    2013 BITD VEGAS to RENO

    One and done! Lol. :D I will be around. Hope to add some more competition in the future
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    Proto type maverick dash switch panel,gauges

    Looks good, really clean wiring
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    GPS hand held preferably

    Thanks for the input guys. Aim going to do a little research into those models
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    GPS hand held preferably

    Looking for some input on GPS systems. I would like to pick one up for our Mammoth trip. Does anyone recommend a specific brand or model. Would prefer a handheld model since I don't have time to put it in the car prior to trip. Thanks in advance
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    2013 BITD VEGAS to RENO

    I will be there to support the Maverick. The commander ran strong at the Pure and I am sure it would run the V2R no problem, that thing is built perfect for that long trip but I gotta let the new Maverick win some of these races lol :D
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    maverick build.

    Looks good, keep up the pics. Interested in how the cage comes out
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    Mammoth lakes July 2-8th

    We are going to do a trip to Mammoth lakes again this year and will be camped in Sherwin Creek for the 4th of July week. Was wondering if anyone was going to be up there as well, maybe we can hook up for a ride. I was also interested in any input on a location to watch the fireworks over the...
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    Who's going to the PURE "300" this weekend?

    No problem Brother. Glad we could help
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    Who's going to the PURE "300" this weekend?

    Logan, thanks for all the help this weekend. You are your family are awesome!

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